IFP is a perfect example of the piece of technology that users didn’t know they needed, similar to products like the iPad. It is not about what the product does as much as it is about what the product allows the user to do. IFP should make simple tasks simpler.
Jude Futcher | Procurement Officer
MAXHUB helps us deliver our cutting edge high-end software and advanced technology services to the sporting industry.
Jason Powell | Owner
My clients don’t believe me how good the MAXHUB really is until we turn it on for the first time and their expression on their face is priceless.
Jason Parker | Director
We deliver innovative technology services that enable significant competitive advantage for hospitality and retail. MAXHUB is an important part of this solution.
Jason Powell | Director
IFP is an integral part of Aspire as we work to connect people across south east Queensland.
Mark Cooper | Co-founder
Case Study
APB Singapore Creates Future-Ready Supply Chain

APB Singapore is responsible for drinks like ABC Stout, Anchor Beer, and Tiger Beer. The company began working with the MAXHUB solution in their factory and workshops recently, offering access to real-time production data. The result was greater visibility, improved decision-making, and enhanced employee training.
Logistics丨Singapore丨JAS Singapore
JAS Leverages MAXHUB to boost business efficiency and productivity

JAS, a leading international freight forwarder and logistics provider, use MAXHUB for collaboration. The company supports a global network of quality assurance offices. Close collaboration between these separate spaces can be difficult. MAXHUB gave JAS the flexibility to connect teams and improve customer experience.
Real Estate丨Singapore丨JMCC Singapore
JMCC Singapore Achieves True UC with MAXHUB

Ranking among the top 10 real estate developers in Singapore by BCI Asia, JMCC Singapore is a true market leader. Recently, JMCC installed 17 state-of-the-art MAXHUB IFP units in meeting rooms across its ecosystem. With these immersive collaboration tools, JMCC has enabled a more cohesive collaborative experience for global employees.
Finance丨Singapore丨OCBC Bank
OCBC BANK uses MAXHUB to Transform Meeting Rooms

Currently, the second-largest financial services group in Southeast Asia, OCBC Bank prioritizes customer experience and employee performance. To maintain its status as one of the world's most highly-rated banks, the company recently invested in a MAXHUB communication screen. MAXHUB helps to bridge the gaps between different communication preferences. The technology connects existing tools with state-of-the-art, future-proof ideas.
Education丨India丨Infomatics Group
Informatics Explores digital learning opportunities during COVID-19

The Informatics Group has always committed itself to quality, focused education for the younger generations. When COVID-19 forced schools to close, the team had to act fast. Informatics switched rapidly to online classes with the help of MAXHUB technology. Now, teachers can connect seamlessly with students. MAXHUB educational tools makes delivering interactive lessons easy, even at a distance.
Education丨India丨Sri Siddheshwara Heritage School
School Discovers Multifunctional Benefits of MAXHUB Technology

The Sri Siddheshwara Heritage School is an innovative educational environment in Kolar. In the search for a multi-purpose device suitable for both classrooms and boardrooms, the group discovered MAXHUB technology. Perfect from the new work-anywhere, environment, MAXHUB supports the school with teleconferencing, intelligent collaboration, and wireless screensharing. Working together has never been easier.
Education丨India丨Rajiv Gandhi University
University Unlocks Incredible Outcomes with MAXHUB Technology

As a premier institution for higher education, Rajiv Gandhi University needed a way to empower its teachers. The facility wanted a solution that was both innovative and accessible for the changing learning landscape. With MAXHUB IFP, university faculty can now simply start teleconferencing with wireless presentations whenever they choose. Hosting national seminars, academic discussions, and meetings is simpler than ever.
Education丨India丨UV Physics
UV Physics Brings Classrooms to Life with MAXHUB

Leading training academy for GATE and CSIR exams, UV Physics, needed to move classes online. Eager to future-proof operations, the team turned to MAXHUB. The all-in-one MAXHUB IFP allowed the group to move away from separate projectors, cameras, and microphones. Today, teachers can easily prepare and conduct lessons online with just one device.
TOSHIBA Invests in the Future of Collaboration Tech

World-renowned technology brand, Toshiba is constantly investing in innovation. The company recently leveraged MAXHUB technology as a way to transform modern meeting rooms, and unlock the true potential of every employee. The MAXHUB unified experience perfectly supports Toshiba's vision of unified collaboration made simple. Now every employee can enjoy a consistent team experience.
Service Provider丨India丨BT Automation
BT Automation Upgrades Service Communication with MAXHUB

Professional service provider, BT Automation is committed to enhancing quality of life in the workplace, and home. To create the best possible environment for employees and customers, BT decided to work with MAXHUB. The MAXHUB interactive display transforms every meeting. Clients can interact with immersive software, connect with managers, and get feedback seamlessly. Unlocking final proposals just got easier.
Retail丨India丨Lowe's Companies Inc
Lowe's Designs Dynamic Interactive Experience Centers

Lowe's, one of the largest home improvement retailers in the world, wanted a way to enhance client experiences. To help customers optimize their homes and businesses, Lowe's integrated MAXHUB displays into their establishments. MAXHUB with custom 3D enabled software helped Lowe's to create an informative space where customers can learn about the company history, and its latest innovations.
KIRD Creates Modern Conference Room with MAXHUB Technology

KIRD, the Korea Institute of Human Resources Development in Science and Technology, delivers human resources education and training. Helping today's talent to thrive in an age of digital transformation, KIRD invested in MAXHUB technology for an innovative learning environment. The screen empowers today's talent with a one-tap conferencing system, brighter screen, and comprehensive all-in-one hub for meetings.
Manufacturing 丨Korea丨Hilti Korea
Hilti Unlocks Seamless All-Inclusive Teleconferencing Experience

Hilti, innovators in the creation of leading engineering software, technology, and services, serves the modern construction industry. To stay ahead of the curve, the company equips employees with the latest solutions for collaboration and communication. After stringent testing, the company chose MAXHUB as its all-in-one interactive surface for meeting support. The new investment delivers an unparalleled interaction experience.
Oil & Energy丨Thailand丨Trans Thai-Malaysia
Trans Thai-Malaysia Unlocks Transformational Collaboration Tech

Getting the right technology in place is the first step to boost efficiency. Trans Thai-Malaysia was searching for a workplace solution that supports remote conferencing and wireless meeting opportunities. By deploying interactive flat panels in the workplace with MAXHUB, the company can enhance employee connections. Today's team members can enjoy faster, more efficient connections, while maintaining an innovative business environment.
Education丨Korea丨Seoul National University
Building a Project-Based Learning Classroom with Technology

South Korea is in the process of championing the PBL (Project Based Learning) education paradigm for a long time. Unfortunately, beam projectors and whiteboards are still commonplace in many schools. This legacy equipment is unable to support new educational experiences. Introducing MAXHUB, an all-in-one interactive solution with specially-designed education components made deploying a PBL classroom much simpler.
Education丨Korea丨Yonsei University
Yonsei University Uses Technology to Encourage Innovation

Yonsei University is on the cutting-edge of the educational landscape, avidly moving beyond the passive teaching experience. Leveraging MAXHUB technology, the facility is exploring new methods of inspiration and instruction. Yonsei now leverages BYOD connectivity, easy screen-sharing and MAXHUB note functionality to implement PBL education methods with a focus on collaboration.
Education丨Korea丨Anarchy Inc.
Anarchy Launches Broadcasting Solution for Online Education

Committed to creating live social lecture platforms for modern education, Anarchy constantly invests in state-of-the-art solutions for students. When searching for a packaged solution covering various use cases, the company came across MAXHUB. This all-in-one education service overcomes the monotony of one-directional lectures with class-recording, wireless screensharing, and one-tap teleconferencing. Anarchy's educational experiences are more immersive than ever.
Education丨Thailand丨Watdonkaitia School
Watdonkaitia School Increases Participation with Help from MAXHUB

Watdonkaitia School is a forward-thinking educational facility, committed to using new tools like MAXHUB for collaborative learning. Watdonkaitia rely on the EasiNote5 tool to prepare multimedia coursework, and encourage class participation. EasiNote5 is built specifically for teachers to help engage students with compelling content and unique activity templates. MAXHUB helps educators to make learning fun and effective.
Education丨Thailand丨Thailand National Sports University Samutsakhon Campus
Thailand National Sports University Deploys Interactive Learning Solution

For Thailand National Sports University Samutsakhon Campus, powerful technology, knowledge, and morality are essential educational pillars. With these values in mind, the company deployed MAXHUB for interactive sports strategy lessons. MAXHUB's versatile writing solution, low-latency technology, and proven performance makes learning more immersive and encourages interactive teamwork.
Manufacturing丨Thailand丨Sime Darby Oils Morakot
Sime Darby Oils Morakot Delivers Seamless Remote Conferencing

Leading manufacturer of cooking oil and food ingredients, Sime Derby Oils puts the quality of its products and services first at all times. Responsive communication is key to accomplishing this. With the MAXHUB solution, the company helps employees to unlock seamless collaborative experiences, even when conferencing online. Easy to set up, the MAXHUB all-in-one solution delivers creativity to every workplace.
Education丨Thailand丨Saard Paderm Wittaya School
MAXHUB Empowers Students at Saard Paderm Wittaya School

Schools everywhere are struggling to spark inspiration with passive learning and rote memorization techniques. That's why innovators like Saard Paderm Wittaya turned to MAXHUB to shake up the status quo. MAXHUB's collaborative platform enhances engagement and creates meaningful moments between students and teachers with an easy-to-use all-in-one system. With innovative EasiNote 5 software, teachers can design next-level learning experiences.
Construction丨Indonesia丨China Jingye Engineering Corporation Limited
China Jingye Transforms Real-Time Global Communication

International construction business, China Jingye believes in the value of having the right tools for innovation. To accelerate and enhance collaboration among a global remote workforce, the company connected with MAXHUB. Following a recommendation from their Singapore Branch, China Jingye discovered the power of the all-in-one MAXHUB device for wireless sharing, seamless teleconferencing and on-screen annotation.
Construction丨Indonesia丨PT. Hutama Karya (Persero)
PT. Hutama Karya Digitally Transforms with MAXHUB Innovation

Technology is transforming the way we work. Leading companies like PT. Hutama Karya are on the cutting edge of this evolution. Recently, the company deployed MAXHUB all-in-one technology to improve meeting experiences for modern workers. The new investment delivers a seamless solution for immersive collaboration, beyond the conventional meeting room. MAXHUB enhances everyday conversations with no additional external peripherals.
Oil & Energy 丨Indonesia丨PT Indika Indonesia Resource (INDIKA Group)
PT Indika Unifies Collaborative Experiences with MAXHUB

Legacy systems require complicated cable connections and extensive maintenance, reducing opportunities for agile innovation. PT Indika Indonesia Resource decided to overcome these issues by investing in the new MAXHUB solution. This wireless meeting room environment unifies meeting tools like never before, combining the features of a projector, whiteboard, display, and more.
Professional Services丨Lybia丨LPTIC
LPTIC Transforms Innovation with Interactive MAXHUB Solution

LPTIC is a company on the cutting edge of telecom, IT, and post services. To stay ahead of the curve, LPTIC is investing in state-of-the-art innovation system. MAXHUB helps LPTIC bring teams together for more meaningful collaborative moments. The MAXHUB panel includes Android and Windows dual systems, and integrates with various software solutions. This ensures seamless connections between teams.
Healthcare丨Vietnam丨National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology
National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology Embraces Online Consulting

Challenging times are reshaping communication. Healthcare companies are now innovating at an incredible pace to continue serving patients in a digital world. The National Hospital of Odonoto-Stomatology stands out as a pioneer in its space, embracing MAXHUB technology to support remote collaboration between care providers. In an age of virtual consulting, MAXHUB ensures quality connections between medical specialists.
Service Provider丨Australia丨Queensland Computers Pty Ltd
Queensland Computers Pty Embraces Tech Innovation

QLD Computers believes in inspiring innovation through education. Today, the company is leveraging MAXHUB IFP as a solution for simplifying everyday collaboration and communication. MAXHUB supports meaningful interactions through screen sharing, video, and touch-screen annotation. This next-generation technology helps QLD Computers to empower their clients on the path to digital transformation and ensure ongoing customer success.
Transporation丨India丨Great Eastern Shipping Company
Great Eastern Shipping Connects Teams with MAXHUB

The largest private sector shipping service provider in India, G E Shipping, enjoys a powerful presence in the international maritime sector. To support its global reach, the company chose MAXHUB to deploy innovative video conferencing solutions. The MAXHUB system connects field workers with experts in training centres. These powerful video interactions also allow for more meaningful conversations between team members.
Healthcare丨India丨Govt. Dental College & Hospital
Govt. Dental College & Hospital Strengthens Communication

Govt. Dental College & Hospital, Ahmedabad is a historical dental institution and academic facility. However, the group is also on the cutting edge of digital transformation. Recently, the team implemented MAXHUB technology in conference rooms, classrooms, and hospital spaces. The result is a more connected digital web of employees and students that can collaborate intuitively at all times.
Manufacturing丨India丨Rational AG
Rational AG Transforms Workplace Collaboration with MAXHUB

Rational AG provides customers with best-in-class tools for cooking. Now, the business is driving better employee experiences too. With help from MAXHUB, Rational AG is introducing a new method of communication. MAXHUB technology empowers Rational to infuse a collaborative experience into the workplace. The solution transforms everything from internal meetings, to training sessions with a sensational interactive panel.
Real Estate丨Singapore丨Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited
Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited Updates Meeting Rooms

One Singapore's pioneers in residential property development, Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited is always expanding. After moving into new meeting rooms, the company implemented MAXHUB technology to support project-based teamwork. MAXHUB's intelligent interactive panel is an integrated device offering workflow efficiency. Collaboration is better, and communication is clearer with MAXHUB and the MAXHUB speaker.
Education丨Singapore丨EtonHouse International School
EtonHouse International School Transforms Digital Education

Standing at the forefront of international education across Asia, EtonHouse International Education Group is a true innovator. The company consistently empowers students to make the most of their education with access to the right tools. Etonhouse recently upgraded its digital collaboration technology with MAXHUB. This pioneering screen simplifies class preparation and improves student/teacher interactions.
Education丨Singapore丨Wang Learning Centre Pte Ltd
Wang Learning Centre Shifts Effortlessly to Online Learning

Established in 2007, Wang Learning Centre is a professional education institute registered with the MOE in Singapore. Responding to COVID, the facility rapidly switched to online teaching with the help of MAXHUB. Compatible with popular video conferencing software, MAXHUB enables online learning with one tap on a display. MAXHUB also offers a host of tools specifically designed to support learning.
Professional Services 丨Singaprore丨 Distrii
Distrii Uses MAXHUB to Develop Smart Office

Established in 2016, Distrii is a leading developer of smart offices. Within 3 years, the company has expanded rapidly, opening over 30 coworking spaces worldwide. The company excels in offering advanced collaboration and productivity tools. With MAXHUB technology, Distrii can produce all kinds of meeting environments, from immersive auditoriums, to collaborative meeting rooms.
Finance丨Singapore丨Bank of Communications Singapore Branch
Bank of Communications Singapore Branch Simplifies Collaboration

Bank of Communications Singapore Branch was established in 1996 and offers corporate deposit, corporate loan, and remittance company. Searching for a more consolidated and integrated solution for team collaboration, the company invested in an 86-inch MAXHUB interactive panel. This new investment supports cable-free collaboration experiences that simplify daily operations. The company's teams are now more productive and efficient than ever.
Professional Services丨Singapore丨DP Architects Pte Ltd
DP Architects Pte Ltd Upgrades Meeting Technology

DP Architects Pte Ltd is one of the largest architectural practices worldwide. Projects include The Dubai Mall, as well as landmarks in Singapore, like the People's Park Complex. Developments such as these require constant collaboration. Implementing 17 Units of MAXHUB in new offices at Marina Square allows DP Architects to empower employees. Performance is much stronger in a tech-friendly environment.
Service Provider丨Singapore丨Envision Digital International Pte. Ltd.
Envision Digital Introduces Visual Assets for Collaboration

In an era where visual assets are essential in the workplace, Envision Digital is turning to MAXHUB for industry-leading LED wall technology. MAXHUB transforms collaborative environments with a brilliant display, screen-sharing, and annotations. Synchronizing the display between the LED wall and mobile devices, MAXHUB infuses intuitive interactions with visual aids, to deliver more immersive lectures.
Government丨Indonesia丨Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle
Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle Updates Tech

Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle deployed MAXHUB 138 inch Integrated LED Wall in their big meeting room to enable remote conferencing display and wireless screen sharing. The MAXHUB LED Wall dazzles the eye – but what you see is only part of the picture. In every aspect of its design, this astonishing display not only advances audience engagement, but also sets a new standard for intuitive operation, flexible deployment, and easy maintenance.
Education丨Australia丨Australia Education Management Group (AEMG)
AEMG Facilitates City Office Team Communications

Australia Education Management Group (AEMG) is a pioneer in the current landscape, helping to support better collaborative experiences in education, and cross-cultural communication. To support its goal, the AEMG brand embraced MAXHUB's intuitive and easy-to-use technology for the meeting room. The interactive online platform keeps employees everywhere connected. Now, team members have the freedom to collaborate effectively wherever they are.
Education丨Australia丨Mentone Girls Grammar School
Mentone Girls Grammar School Introduces MAXHUB

Established in 1899, Mentone Girls' Grammar School is an independent school for girls. Dedicated to creating a nurturing environment for students, they used MAXHUB to enable better collaboration. MAXHUB supports simple communication between teams with an intuitive design. Girls can better participate in classes, with a smooth writing experience and built-in camera. MAXHUB Note education software enhances lessons even further.
Manufacturing 丨India丨DIC India Limited
DIC India Limited Reduces Costs and Improves Communication

Large Indian printing company, DIC India provides state-of-the-art customer experiences. Previously, the group relied on large format displays, individual share dongles, and speakers to connect. The old setup demanded excess IT involvement and had complex connection problems. With MAXHUB, DIC has embraced an all-in-one interactive flat panel solution. MAXHUB is the perfect way to reduce costs and improve communication simultaneously.
Education丨India丨J Chemistry
J Chemistry Evolves into Online Education during COVID-19

Premium provider of education for exams like GATE and CSIR, J Chemistry, is undergoing digital transformation. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the company needed to shift classes quickly online. After testing various solutions, the group chose MAXHUB as its interactive hub for digital classes. MAXHUB helps J Chemistry to reach students online, conduct virtual classes and live stream on YouTube.
Education丨India丨Pratibha Paatshala
Pratibha Paatshala Empowers Students with Intuitive Technology

Pratibha Paatshala provides skill and career development opportunities to students from all backgrounds. Here, learners can enhance their academic knowledge, and develop soft skills for a better career. To make study more interactive, the group recently installed a MAXHUB 75 inch flat panel to engage with students offline. MAXHUB also supports collaborative online classes for amazing distance learning opportunities.
Professional Services 丨India丨 Sannam S4
Sannam S4 leverages MAXHUB for Global Communications

Sannam S4 supports globally ambitious firms in market entry and expansion. In the last 5 years, the company has assisted over 350 organisations expanding into India, Brazil, and China. This global network requires a powerful meeting system to empower innovative teams. Compatible with Zoom, MAXHUB supports real-time collaborations with Sannam's global clients, for unbeatable teamwork.
Professional Services丨China丨China Telecommunications Corporation
China Telecommunications Embraces New Working Styles

Fortune 500 company for several years, China Telecommunications is an extra-large state-owned company with a focus on innovation. The company believes that meeting rooms should be simple and paper-free. This is why the team implemented MAXHUB featuring video conferencing for an interactive working environment. Responding to the global pandemic, China Telecoms relies on MAXHUB to enhance collaboration and teamwork.
Professional Services丨Hong Kong丨HIQ Furniture
HIQ Furniture Simplifies and Enhances Workplaces

Leading office furniture specialist HIQ Group is a leading Office Furniture specialist in providing high-quality yet affordable products & services to Co-Working Spaces and Commercial Workplaces. The modern office requires a minimalist design, technological while fashion, and good user experience. That's why they incorporate MAXHUB in the updated design for their workplace with an improved simplicity and productivity.
Finance丨Macau丨BOC Macau Branch
BOC Macau Branch Enhances Remote Conferencing

Leading state-owned commercial bank, BOC is responsible for one of the biggest Macau banks in its local market. With MAXHUB's conferencing solution, BOC Macau can host videoconferencing sessions with screen sharing and up to 4 split mode options at any time, for real-time collaboration anywhere. Smooth audio and video supports an excellent experience for remote training, interviews, and teamwork.
Finance丨Hong Kong丨BOC Hong Kong Branch
BOC Hong Kong Branch transforms towards collaboration digitalisation

One of the four largest state-owned commercial banks in China, BOC, has a huge Hong Kong branch to manage and run. Applying the MAXHUB solution to this bank meant the team could overcome the stresses of the traditional meeting environment, and can now enjoy a user-friendly interactive experience. This minimises travel and IT costs too, creating a more agile business.
Finance丨Macau丨Tai Fung Bank Limited
Tai Fung Bank Limited Enhances Business Operations

With a history dating back to 1942, Tai Fung Bank Limited is a powerful heritage brand. The company evolves to bring a modern meeting system into the workplace, and grows the collaboration between team members. Tai Fung Bang chose MAXHUB 's interactive panel to integrate screen sharing, whiteboarding, and remote teleconferencing in one environment. Operational efficiency is better than ever.
Solution Provider丨Hong Kong丨KYOCERA Document Solutions Hong Kong Limited
KYOCERA Document Solutions Delivers Excellence for All

KYOCERA Document Solutions Hong Kong Limited provides a host of digital solutions for today's businesses. As an organisation on the cutting edge of office equipment innovation, the company was keen to embrace transformative MAXHUB technology. MAXHUB offers an all-in-one connectivity platform with state-of-art experiences for training, communication and collaboration. Client and colleague conversations are better than ever.
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IFP is a perfect example of the piece of technology that users didn’t know they needed, similar to products like the iPad. It is not about what the product does as much as it is about what the product allows the user to do. IFP should make simple tasks simpler.
Jude Futcher | Procurement Officer
MAXHUB helps us deliver our cutting edge high-end software and advanced technology services to the sporting industry.
Jason Powell | Owner
My clients don’t believe me how good the MAXHUB really is until we turn it on for the first time and their expression on their face is priceless.
Jason Parker | Director
We deliver innovative technology services that enable significant competitive advantage for hospitality and retail. MAXHUB is an important part of this solution.
Jason Powell | Director
IFP is an integral part of Aspire as we work to connect people across south east Queensland.
Mark Cooper | Co-founder
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