MAXHUB EasiNote5 Lite
Classes Come Alive
Lesson Delivery Software
A collaborative education whiteboard application for interactive displays,
EasiNote5 is purposefully designed for teachers to
engage students with compelling content.
Making Education Interactive
EasiNote5 provides various class activity templates for student engagement. These games improve learning results while adding fun to class.
These games help with better learning results while adding fun to classes.
Simple Divide    |    Multiple Divide    |    Close Test    |    Keypoints Match    |    Group Race    |    True or False
Boundless Educational Tools
From math and science to music and geography, EasiNote5’s educational tools make every subject vivid and engaging.
Shapes, tables, mindmaps and more help teachers deliver better classes.
Leveraging Existing Resources
Teachers can import images, video, PowerPoint presentations and other multimedia files.
Preparing Lessons Anywhere
Class Preparation Mode
Teachers can make courseware on their computer and switch to class mode for preview.
Presenting Mode
Encourage student collaboration with features
like interactive math tools, spotlight, and more.
*MAXHUB EasiNote5 is only available for Windows 10