A First Look at the MAXHUB UC M40

A First Look at the MAXHUB UC M40

Jun 13, 2022


Aligning the Meeting Space to the New Paradigm of Hybrid Work

While still working through the fallout of Covid-19, the world is transitioning from reactionary measures to proactive approaches for both work and education settings. This evolution is creating a unique challenge for IT administrators and buyers responsible for conferencing and collaboration workspaces, as the needs of the end-users are still changing. As teams shift from “band-aid” approaches to overcome distance, to hybrid-first meeting styles, the content tools and in-room dynamics become essential for driving engagement.

MAXHUB UC M40 Addresses These Challenges

It has become apparent to Wainhouse that MAXHUB has developed a robust camera portfolio that can address the challenges identified above. While other vendors try a one-size-fits-all approach to camera technology, MAXHUB is decidedly different. To address the meeting needs of both business and education settings, devices such as the UC M40 are purpose-built to meet the needs of the room.

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