A First Look at the MAXHUB UC M31

A First Look at the MAXHUB UC M31

May 18, 2022


Hybrid Work - Things Are Going To Change

The topic is everywhere: hybrid work. Yet, the ability to define hybrid work is such a confusing feat because everyone’s hybrid setup is different, and sometimes, it can vary by week.

And although there is no single playbook, it is becoming evident that the office is not going to disappear, but it certainly will change.

Before 2020, 75% of the US-based knowledge worker workforce traditionally went to work in an office. They were there to do work. Now, end-users are recognizing other reasons for going in. Today, based upon research from Wainhouse Research, five of the top nine reasons employees intend to go back to the office were for interpersonal reasons – connecting, teaming, and creating.

This evolution in the “why” we go to the office is impacting how IT administrators and real estate planners are reconfiguring workspaces. For example, meeting room configurations are diversifying away from traditional “bowling alley” rooms to spaces designed to serve better the work activity at hand, such as concentration, collaboration, education, or even socialization.

Yet, no enterprise has unlimited resources to designate rooms for only a single purpose. While a room may be optimized for one activity such as collaboration, it does not preclude that same room from being used for other types of meetings such as presentations or one-to-many education. The challenge in this new world of workspaces is implementing technology that serves the central activity for which each room is being optimized but still allows flexibility in the technology to address other use cases.

To address this challenge, MAXHUB has introduced the UC M31, a versatile video conferencing camera that works in various use cases.

Solution Overview

The MAXHUB UC M31 is a unique video conferencing camera with a panoramic 180° field of view, combined with auto-tracking and six video layouts to suit a variety of meeting types from small-group to full-room presentations.

Download the white paper for free and find more information about the MAXHUB UC M31.

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