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My display has an issue. Who should I contact?
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MAXHUB Raptor Series
Part of the screen does not light up after power is on. What should I do?
The wireless dongle does not work. What should I do?
The indicator does not work. What should I do?
No image is displayed after I connect to a computer with an HDMI cable. What should I do?
Warranty MAXHUB offers customers assurance through competitive Standard Warranties for all of its LED Display products. Currently the standard is a Two (2) Year Warranty, subject to terms and conditions. An extended warranty is available upon request. To learn more about the standard warranty policy, please contact us or reach out to our channel partners. Tech Support, Field Service,
and Repair & Replacement
MAXHUB has the capacity to repair LED tiles and most other components locally in the USA with quick turnaround time.
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