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MAXHUB BM35 Bluetooth
Teleconference Speakerphone
Unlock a new level of meeting clarity with the next-generation BM35 speakerphone. Crystal clear audio combines with a powerful pick-range to transform any small to mid-sized meeting space.

Amplified Conference Quality

Portability and practicality come together in a powerful audio device, built for better meetings. The BM35 is optimized to keep human voices clear. Capturing every utterance in perfect detail, the BM35 empowers any team. Hi-Fi sound quality also ensures exceptional listening experiences when playing music or videos.

The BM35 is proof that big things really can come in small packages. This compact powerhouse combines
exceptional immersive sound.

Superior Treble and Bass
Tweeter + Woofer Combo Speaker
80Hz-18kHz Sound Frequency Covered

Exceptional Coverage, Without Distortion

360° omnidirectional audio algorithms capture voices up to 6 meters away, so everyone in your meeting can make their voices heard.

A powerful 8-microphone array gives depth to conversations, ensuring every detail comes through loud and clear.

Say Goodbye to Background Noise

State-of-the-art reverberation suppression keeps unnecessary distractions to an absolute minimum. Even in glass meeting rooms, the BM35 will intelligently absorb echo and localize the sound to keep the attention on your people. Supported by AI noise cancellation and AEC, the BM35 filters through the noise to improve focus and enhance collaborative experiences.


Consistent Volume

Talking in a conference should feel just as smooth and natural as a face-to-face discussion. With the BM35, your contacts will feel like you’re right there in the room. Intelligent algorithms adjust the volume of participant voices dynamically, to ensure a consistent output on the other end.

With Automatic Gain Control, you’ll keep fluctuating volumes to a minimum, even when users are moving while they speak.

Natural Communications

Bring meeting participants closer together with immersive, disruption-free sound. Both parties can communicate in real-time, without interferences, thanks to full-duplex audio. The BM35 distributes audio from each side through separate channels, for a beautifully organic approach to modern meetings.

Expandable, Adaptable

Bluetooth gives you the freedom to expand your BM35 experience to suit any meeting room. Connect via True Wireless Stereo to enhance the pickup range of your microphones and double your reach. The BM35 can evolve to capture and relay audio to more than 20 people, as well as provide phenomenal stereo sound.

Flexible, Like Your Team

Connect the BM35 to user devices however you choose, with a variety of options to choose from. Plug-and-play type C connections, Bluetooth dongles, and NFC connections offer something for everyone.

Keep the Conversation Going

With a built-in 4400mAh battery, there’s no need to cut any meeting short. Collaborate seamlessly for up to 15 hours with no pesky power problems.

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