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Sharing Box WB05

One-click easy for 4K Ultra
HD output. Convenient screen sharing for maximized meeting

Effortless Sharing,
Efficient Conferencing

Messy cables, complex external devices,
incompatible interfaces and unnecessary
preparation time

The MAXHUB BYOM Box (WB05) offers a stellar BYOM alternative, serving as a core BYOM processor to which external A/V peripherals can connect. Use any video conferencing software from your own laptop and dynamically control the existing in-room BYOM-enabled conferencing infrastructure wirelessly, all seamlessly operating as one broader ecosystem.

Rapid Screen Sharing,
Small to Large Screening
in a Single Step

With no need for complex wiring, you can
now transform any traditional screen you
currently own into a professional meeting
screen. Step up from small screens to
large displays, with plug and play ease.

  • 0.15s Rapid Connection
  • Multi-protocol Support No Installation or Driver Required
  • Wireless Screen Sharing Device* One-click Screen Sharing

4K Ultra HD Output,
Authentic Details,
Smooth Visuals

With a 4K output resolution and 60Hz high frame rate display, you can enjoy videos in hy-
per-realistic and vibrant color. H.264 decod-
ing technology offers smooth visuals from one scene to the next, without impacting network speed.

  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • 60Hz High Frame Rate Display
  • H.264 Video Decoding

9-way Split-screen Display,
See More at a Glance

Supports up to 9 split-screen displays,
making optimal use of screen space when visually showcasing both individual and selected content.

9-way Split-screen

Split your screen 9 ways to better utilize large LED or tiled screen spaces. Enable clearer streaming of visuals or content for multi-party conferences and meetings.

Dual Screen Display,
Enjoy Endless Possibilities with Twice the Screen Space

Double your utility with dual HDMI interfaces, for the ability to use dual-screen outputs when screening your content. Enjoy flexible content display at your fingertips, with both main and secondary screen pairing.

Professional-grade Screen
Sharing Channel,
High Bandwidth with
Ultra-low Latency

A dual-frequency Wi-Fi module integrated with a 2T2R high-gain antenna configuration provides twice the data output compared to singular antenna designs. Enjoy ultra-low latency, improved clarity, and simultaneous internet access when screen mirroring via the device.

  • 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual-frequency Wi-Fi
  • Dual Reception, Dual Transmission High-gain Antenna Design
  • High-Bandwidth Capability Simultaneous Accessibility

2T2R Data Output

1T1R Data Output

Enhanced Security,
Privacy Protection under Control

Supports Extended Screen Mode*, where the large screen displays files simultaneously as the small screen views private information such as emails, keeping your personal information private.

  • Extended Screen Mode Privacy Protection
  • Application Windows Sharing Focused Content and Experience

Deviced Management System*,
Centralized Control for Multiple
Rooms & Devices

Have total control over multiple meeting rooms and Display Devices* with one centralized back-end system, making managing content distribution, corporate communications, and welcoming displays easier than ever. The system also allows for pre-scheduled power on/off, for truly cost and energy-effective maintenance.

  • Scheduled Power On/Off Cost-effective and Energy-saving
  • Content Broadcasting Efficient Presentation
  • POE Power Supply Clean Wiring

All-in-one Compatibility
Professional Meetings
at Your Fingertips

Compatibility with various Mainstream Conference Display Devices* such as TVs, projectors, LED screens and videos walls makes it ideal for a variety of office meeting scenarios.

  • Medium/Large
    Conference Rooms
  • Lecture
  • Briefing

Say goodbye to back-end control. Mirror files and content straight from your mobile phone or tablet, without the need for copying
to a dedicated computer device.

Enjoy intuitive learning experiences empowered
by wireless screen sharing that supports
multi-screen display.

A projection/large-size TV and the Screen Mirroring Box are all you need for a professional meeting experience, while having total control over
multiple meeting rooms with centralized management.

*PC Compatibility: Supports Windows 7 and above, macOS 10.10 and above. Mobile and Tablet Screen sharing Compatibility: Supports Android 5.0 and above, iOS 9.0 and above. Wireless Screen sharing requires MAXHUB Wireless Screen sharing Device
or installation of MAXHUB Share App. MAXHUB
Share supports Android 5.0 and above, iOS 11.0 and above. The screen sharing device needs to be on the same network as the screen sharing box.
*Multi-screen Display: Supports simultaneous screen shaing of up to 9 screens/devices.
*One-click Easy Screen Sharing: For MAXHUB Wireless Screen sharing, the wireless screen sharing device needs to be paired with theMAXHUB interactive flat panel upon first use. For computers, mobile devices, and tablets, screen sharing can be achieved by downloading the MAXHUB Share.
*0.15s Fast Screen Sharing: Results obtained from testing wireless screen sharing from an 11-inch MacBook Air to MAXHUB Screen Mirror Box in a MAXHUB lab environment, with no other interference.
*Traditional TV Connectivity: Requires HDMI interface for connecting TVs or projectors to the MAXHUB Screen Sharing Box. Simply connect via a cable.
*Wireless Screen Sharing Device: While not included, this can be purchased separately. Needs to be paired for first-time use.
*Extended Screen Mode: After installing the driver on the sender's device, select Extended Mode for wireless screen sharing to use the large screen as a secondary display.
*Mainstream Conference Display Devices: Devices need to be equipped with an HDMI interface.

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