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MAXHUB Wireless Screen Sharing Dongle WT13

5s Rapid Pair
No Installation or Driver Required
Type-C Interface and Type-A Adapter

Wireless and Network-free
for Content Sharing

Break free from traditional screen mirroring devices. Forget cables, external adapters, or even Wi-Fi connections. Pair with your MAXHUB displays to establish auto-networking connection, and content sharing , even while ensuring a secure connection for internal network security.

  • No Cable Required
  • No Driver Required
  • Internal Network

Plug and Play with Drive-free Sharing

Built with a full-featured Type-C interface, supporting HD output with DisplayPort protocol. No device configuration or installation required. Simply Plug and Play, and mirror your screen in a single tap.

  • Full-featured Type-C
  • DisplayPort Protocol
  • USB Type-A Compatible*

5s Rapid Pair. Let the Meeting Begin, Instantly

Forget complicated installations. With 5s Rapid Pair, you simply have to plug in to the terminal and tap to begin mirroring*.
A built-in power supply module ensures meetings won’t have to end when you need to switch plugs. Bridge connections when switching plugs between laptops or MAXHUB Displays for multi-screen sharing ease and convenience.

  • 5s Rapid Pairing*
  • Uninterrupted Connection
  • Flexible Sharing

Ultra HD Screen Sharing, Visually-detailed Perfection
You Can See

Newly-upgraded 4K screen mirroring delivers 77% more pixel details versus traditional 1080P hardware encoding. Now you can showcase authentic visual details for clearer, more professional presentation experiences. 4K Ultra HD screen mirroring further ensures sharper text display, finer image textures and a true-to-life visual experience.

Wi-Fi 6 High-speed Wireless Transmission,
Ready for Smoother Audio
and Video Streaming

Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Network technology supports higher bitrates, enabling smoother and clearer playback for video reviews and document presentations. With Channel Spatial Multiplexing Technology, connectivity is kept free of interference. This means complex network environments are handled with ease, delivering stable and uninterrupted screen mirroring even for long periods.

Multi-device Connection,
For Sharing without Limits

Experience simultaneous connections with up to 8 wireless screen mirroring devices, spanning various projection modes including mirror display, extended display, and application screen mirroring. Every presenter will enjoy greater flexibility and control over mirrored content, along with features such as Touch Back control and pen annotation. This provides easier control over the pace of ongoing conversations, all while enhancing interaction.

  • 8 Devices Connectivity
  • Multiple Modes of Projection
  • Touch Back Control

Plug and Play Simplicity
Initiate Your Own Meeting
with Ease

Embrace drive-free efficiency enabled by MAXHUB BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) technology by simply connecting your personal computer to a MAXHUB video conference device. Remote collaboration has never been easier. Just enjoy the streamlined meeting process with your personal computer without software and interface limitations.

* BYOM is only applicable to WT13M. WT13S does not support BYOM

NFC One-touch Sharing,
Convenient Screen Sharing
Straight from Your Mobile

With a built-in NFC tag, no meeting time has to be wasted. Simply tap your mobile device on the designated NFC area to connect to MAXHUB and start Sharing your screen wirelessly. You won’t even need to leave
your seat.

*USB Type-A compatible: Requires a USB Type-A adapter.
*Tap to Mirror: The screen mirroring device needs to support Type-C DP video outputs and be paired with the conference tablet for the initial use.
*5s Rapid Connect: Based on data from MAXHUB laboratories.
*Computer requires USB 2.0 or above and supports both USB Type-A and Type-C interfaces.
*Theoretically supports all computers, smartphones, and tablets with Type-C DP interface, allowing simultaneous screen mirroring and split-screen display of 2-4 devices.
*Supports connection of up to 8 devices with simultaneous display of 4 devices.
*Automatically searches for clear frequency bands before screen mirroring to ensure a more stable signal.
*Images are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product. All data is collected from MAXHUB laboratories.

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