All-in-one Display for Conferences
MAXHUB X3 satifies integrates the functions of projector, whiteboard, advertising signage, computer, microphone, audio, etc. It satisfies the needs of local meetings and remote collaborations.
Advertising Signage
Video Conference Let's Meet Online
Trainning Annotate at Will
Huddle & Brainstorm Picture your idea in all way
Presentation Mutual Control, Stylish Your Speech
With just a tap on the screen of MAXHUB X3 interactive flat panel, a productive conference is about to shoot. MAXHUB provides not just a smart panel, but solution for presentation, collaboration, brain-storming and video conferencing.
Video Conferencing
farewell to Traveling
Bulit-in 1200W* camera and 6-array microphone, feel so much like face talking
Intelligent Writing
Frees Your Imagination
P-cap and EMR combined touch technology* gives you enjoyable and delightful writing experience. Intelligent and user-friendly graphic and table assistant design satisfy your efficient writing needs.
Rapid Response*
Touch Accuracy
Levels Pressure Sensing
Wireless Screen Sharing
Farewell to Debugging and Waiting
MAXHUB Wireless Dongle and MAXHUB Share eliminate cable limitation. You can share photos and documents wirelessly through PC, smartphones, and tablets.
Wireless Screen Sharing Smart Annotation
Brainstorming Starts with Interaction
MAXHUB supports up to 4 devices sharing screens simultaneously. It also supports mutual control between IFP and PCs.
4 Screens
Per Display
*All marked-down features refer to MAXHUB X3 Series Ultimate Line.