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MAXHUB to Build Advanced AI Solutions with Microsoft Azure Cloud to Drive Global Business Growth

MAXHUB to Build Advanced AI Solutions with Microsoft Azure Cloud to Drive Global Business Growth


MAXHUB, a leading provider of collaborative communication and interactive display solutions, proudly announces it will integrate Microsoft Azure technology. MAXHUB will harness the power of Azure to significantly amplify its international business growth and further AI technology advancements.
Amidst expanding global business horizons, MAXHUB integrates with Microsoft Azure to empower itself by meeting the surging needs for scalable cloud computing and storage. MAXHUB seamlessly shares data across multiple global data centers using the robust capabilities of Azure Cosmos DB and Blob Storage. By segregating foundational business data from personal privacy data and integrating with Azure Kubernetes Services, MAXHUB have established a globally distributed architecture for deploying key services like OTA(Over-The-Air) and CMS(Content management system). This setup is tailored for MAXHUB operational management within a worldwide scope. Not only does this enhance the research and operational efficiency, but it also effectively aligns with the data compliance regulations of various regions.

Photo 1: Microsoft and CVTE (MAXHUB’s parent company) sign an agreement.

MAXHUB's integration of Azure services will support its global business and drive it forward, helping users move into a new era of more efficient and high-quality service experiences. In addition, this move will promote MAXHUB's innovative development in the field of artificial intelligence, which in turn will enhance user's interactive experience with smarter and more comprehensive technology solutions.
"We are preparing to harness Azure OpenAI features to explore AI applications in education. Our aim is to assist teachers in lesson planning and curriculum evaluation by integrating AI capabilities." Said David Meng, President of Global Business Group at MAXHUB. "Our objective is to nurture a high efficient and intelligent ecosystem where creativity flourishes into meaningful human interactions. Microsoft Azure's offerings align strategically with our vision and will establish a solid foundation for our success in global markets."
At present, the global demand for cloud computing and AI services is growing. MAXHUB’s application and exploration of Microsoft Azure will provide users with a solid technical foundation and empower businesses with cutting-edge technology. "Microsoft is committed to empowering our customers and partners with supreme solutions that drive productivity and enrich collaborative experiences." Said Min ZHENG, Vice President of Microsoft China.
For further details, kindly explore MAXHUB's and Microsoft's websites.

Photo 2: Ahmed Mazhari, President of Microsoft Asia, along with a delegation from Microsoft, visits MAXHUB to investigate potential solutions.


MAXHUB Media Contact:
Jin Lyu
Global PR Manager, MAXHUB Global


MAXHUB is an industry leader in smart displays and audiovisual technology, focusing on communication and collaboration. As an R&D-led organization, they develop a range of industry-leading solutions that help keep people seamlessly connected and make teamwork more efficient and effective.
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