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Top Tips for Improving Your Virtual Sales Skills

Top Tips for Improving Your Virtual Sales Skills


Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of all B2B sales interactions will occur online. Prompting this shift to digital is the medium’s ability to heighten productivity through efficient communication, more accessible information, and reduced travel time.

Company reps now have access to more potential buyers and a wider variety of tools, including next-generation video conferencing technology, to close deals faster. So confident are B2B players making their purchases online that most are now willing to buy big-ticket items over $50,000.

Virtual presentations, however, come with unique challenges, including easily distracted clients prone to multitasking, developing and nurturing relationships online, reading the room remotely, and dealing with technology glitches.

To overcome these challenges and stand out from the competition, here are our top tips to help elevate your virtual sales skills.

Tip 1: Research Your Client and Competition

Research is key to tailoring your presentation and delivering pertinent information to your audience. If you provide your audience with irrelevant content, they’ll tune out and occupy themselves with side tasks like replying to emails and checking other apps. Know your client and what they’re about, and research their competitors well.

You need to know who you’ll meet with, how those influence decision-making, and prepare for potential questions.

You must also know your competition and how your product or service compares. What is your value proposition? How can you meet your client's needs and address their pain points? Be prepared with case studies to support your pitch.

Tip 2: Invest in High-Quality Equipment

The best virtual presentation skills will prove fruitless without high-quality video conferencing technology to support you. Substandard sound and visuals will not only frustrate your audience but will result in them potentially missing your message completely.

Maximize the impact of your presentation with a 4K camera that captures vibrant imagery and is versatile enough to adapt to different lighting conditions. You always want to present from the best angle, whether from an office or home environment, so make sure your camera is adjustable to any setting.

In addition, crystal-clear audio is vital in keeping your audience engaged. A high-quality speakerphone with intelligent noise cancellation will help you leave a professional and lasting impression. From your home office to boardroom-sized meeting venues, MAXHUB has the ideal video conferencing solution for every business setting – find out more here.

Don't forget to test your technology and familiarize yourself with all its features before your presentation to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted sales pitch.

Tip 3: Reduce Potential Distractions

A virtual audience is easily distracted – mobile phones are within easy reach, and notifications from desktop and phone apps are hard to resist. Rather than catching up on emails and scrolling through their chat notifications, you want your audience entirely focused on you. Preparation is vital here, so ensure you're 100% ready before your appointment – you wouldn't want your audience distracted from the start while you're still busy organizing your slideshow.

Also, consider your video background. Instead of a busy, colorful, and highly stimulating visual, try something neutral that doesn't draw attention away from you. Download your favorite virtual backgrounds and add them to your meetings suggested by ZOOM. Be cautious when using virtual backgrounds, as they can slow down your connectivity. They can also subtly distort your body as you move and become distractions themselves.

Remember to silence your devices and close any apps with pop-up notifications. This is particularly important during screen-sharing.

Tip 4: Create and Present Engaging Content

To keep your audience hooked from start to finish, start by personalizing your content, addressing their specific objectives and pain points, and pointing to features of interest.

Use your slides to guide the discussion, supporting each of your points. They should be aesthetically pleasing, ideally designed in collaboration with your marketing team so that you stay on brand but not so busy that they absorb your audience. Remember to keep text-based content to a minimum, so they spend more time listening to you than reading your slides.

Create a collaborative environment, where possible, using a digital whiteboard solution that helps you unpack complex concepts meaningfully. Alternatively, include interactive activities between slides to gain constructive feedback.

Storytelling and attention-grabbing content that sparks curiosity is a great way to keep your audience engaged and connected. But be sure to present it in an equally exciting way so they don't have the urge to multitask.

Tip 5: Master your Presentation and Equipment

Knowing your conferencing equipment well will not only ensure your presentation runs smoothly, but you'll also feel more comfortable and confident in your delivery. Before your meeting, figure out all the buttons and tools, such as recording, changing mic settings, switching hosts, and using annotation features. Mastering MAXHUB's high-tech conferencing solutions is simple as they are easy to use, install, maintain, and bundle across its product range.

You must also know your presentation and what comes next with every slide. Do a run-through with a colleague several times on your own so that you know what works and doesn't and where you might lose your client's attention.

Take some time to gauge how long it takes for documents to load and for screen-sharing, as long pauses in your presentation could distract your audience.

Tip 6: Connect to the Camera

According to Gong, turning your camera on makes a difference. There's a 94% increase in positive sales and even better results when your audience has their camera on, too. You'll also be able to read their body language and facial expressions, allowing you to adjust your presentation accordingly.

You'll need to look your best and be aware of your body language as you present, maintaining eye contact with your audience as much as possible. Connecting visually also helps to build trust and develops the relationship further. Always start your presentation with your camera, as this subtly encourages your client to do the same.

Tip 7: Use Interactive Multimedia Content

Incorporate various types of content into your presentation, like infographics, images, videos, and charts, to keep your audience engaged. Most buyers favor interactive content with video as one of the most preferred ways to consume content, but make sure it’s relevant and adds value to your presentation.

Company brochures can also be helpful – you can annotate them with pertinent information and highlight key points. In addition, your audience can interact with your content, which supports a more collaborative experience.

Virtual sales presentations are here to stay, along with the many other tools and technologies at your disposal. Improving your digital-sales skills will help you access a broader marketplace and close more deals, ultimately benefiting your bottom line.

MAXHUB empowers its distributors and partners with complete marketing support, offering on-demand training through the MAXHUB College to help you deliver the best customer experience.

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