Compact Video Conferencing Partner MAXHUB UC W10
Introducing sensational microphone and camera performance combined with ease-of-use and affordability. The MAXHUB UC W10 ensures you can enjoy all the benefits of video meetings, at home or in the office, the MAXHUB UC W10 is the perfect partner for the era of video conferencing.
Clear, Crisp,
and Natural Audio
The integrated two microphone array detects audio from up to 4 metres away. Combined with a proprietary noise reduction algorithm, the advanced microphone technology delivers sensational audio quality with no annoying background noise or distortion. 2-element Mic Array
Noise reduction algorithm
Sensational Picture Quality The pioneering 3D-DNR technology in the MAXHUB camera delivers incredible image quality,
even in low light conditions. 20 LUX performance and image denoising qualities ensure crisp
and clear visuals for videos and photos.
3D-DNR | 20 LUX
Full HD 1080P Video Captures Every Move Make sure you're seen and heard in every video conference with a fantastic full HD 1080p camera resolution. The 2MP camera sensor delivers 30 FPS performance in video meetings, combined with a 71 degree wide-angle diagonal field of view. This unique camera configuration ensures that everyone can look their best in any conferencing situation.
1080P/25fps | 2MP camera | 71° DFoV
Privacy Shutter Protection Forget issues with compliance and security. The simple and effective privacy shutter ensures that your camera can only see you when you want it to.
Plug and Play Connectivity Use the conferencing software you love most. This camera is compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and various other popular applications.
Compatible with Your Favorite Software Stick with the conferencing software you love. The W20 supports Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and all the market leaders.