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Product Benefits

Product Overview

Application Scenarios

Customization Options

Real-life Applications

One-stop collaboration
Easy to install
and maintain
Immersive Teams
Multiple sizes
and ratios

One smart display,
numerous possibilities

Highly compatible with MAXHUB's extensive range of products
such as Speakerphones, PTZ Cameras and the Smart Lectern,
MAXHUB's Integrated LED Displays reduce the hassle of sourcing
for supporting equipment, devices or applications. Own our LED
solution and you'll own a network of tools that are both cost-
effective and versatile enough to meet your every collaboration

A highly-integrated solution

MAXHUB's Integrated LED Displays are slim and lightweight,
integrating a 3-in-1 design that combines the receiving card,
power supply and HUB board. This user-friendly design
maximizes performance and energy efficiency while simplifying
the maintenance process with front-facing maintenance support. 

See the bigger picture
with an ultra-wide view

Engage your audience with a 21:9 ultra-wide display, designed
for visual impact and immersive viewing experiences. Our
extended LED displays also integrate seamlessly with Microsoft
Teams Rooms, allowing users to easily control and host meetings
within the application. 

Connect and share –
in your own way

Utilizing technology unique to MAXHUB, our Integrated LED
Displays are equipped with wireless capabilities that allow you
to share content and control screens remotely – all through
your personal devices. The LAN screen-sharing feature also
enables split screen-sharing for up to four windows, making it
a huge plus for hosts and presenters. 

Select and customize,
regardless of your audience size

From closed-door conferences to outdoor showcases, MAXHUB's
Integrated LED Displays are versatile enough to meet your every
need. Our displays are available in a variety of dimensions, each
easily assembled and installed through simple splicing technology. 

Product Overview

All-in-one LED Display
Indoor Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display
Outdoor LED Display


Control System -
PCON 200 Pro
Control System -
PCON 600

Application Scenarios

Meeting room
Shopping mall
Club bar
Meeting room
Shopping mall
Club bar

Design your display

Configure your unique LED display with our customization tool. Explore different true-to-life environments, measurements and models to put together a display that best suits your needs. 

Real-life Applications

MAXHUB’s state-of-the-art LED solutions have enhanced productivity and communication across the globe in the past decade. Read some of our best stories.

Seminole State College|Florida

Four 150-inch, large-format MAXHUB Raptor Series displays served to enhance the overall learning experience at the Seminole State College of Florida. The captivating displays kept students well-engaged, while their portable mobile stands enabled the screens to be easily deployed on and off campus.

Westgate Resorts Corporate Network Operations Center| Various States in USA

To monitor and facilitate operations 24/7 across all its resorts in the United States, Westgate Resorts mounted a 120-inch diagonal integrated LED Wall from MAXHUB’s Raptor Series, right in its Corporate Network Operations Center. Impressed by its seamless 3-in-1 design, easy maintenance and visual clarity, Westgate Resorts is well on its way to introducing MAXHUB’s LED solutions in the public areas of their resorts.

Bakersfield College|California

Engagingly disseminating information is now made easier for those at Bakersfield College, thanks to the MAXHUB Raptor Series' 165-inch diagonal LED display. Stationed at the Welcome Center, this multifunctional LED display acts as a digital signage and presentation tool for campus personnel.