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5/5 rating by IT Pro - MAXHUB UC S10

5/5 rating by IT Pro - MAXHUB UC S10


(Article source: ITPro.)


The Maxhub UC S10 is one of the most flexible videconferencing (VC) bars around. It can be connected to a host computer over USB, or function as a fully independent Android-based conferencing system. It also offers wireless screen-sharing services for up to four simultaneous users, and can even serve as a meeting-room wireless hotspot.

Its lightweight design brings together a 4K camera, a single internal speaker, a six-microphone beamforming array and an HDMI port for connecting a display. Automatic framing and audio tracking are also used to zero in on the current speaker using digital PTZ functions.

In appliance mode, the UC S10 is powered by an Android 8-based embedded OS, with a selection of built-in system apps and 16GB of storage for additional packages and downloads. Both 100Mbits/sec Ethernet and 802.11ac Wi-Fi are on hand, along with USB Type-A and Type-C ports for computer connections, input devices and external storage.

We didn’t find the UC S10 the easiest bar to set up, as the package was short on helpful documentation, but you can’t go far wrong. After connecting the power, network and monitor cables, we simply had to wait for a minute for Android to boot up.

We were then presented with Maxhub’s smart user interface on our main display. This offers nice clear icons for loading the Chrome browser, browsing local storage, modifying system settings, upgrading the firmware and, of course, launching various conferencing apps. Maxhub only allows certified packages to run on the appliance, but a good selection of conferencing platforms is supported.Cisco WebEx Meet, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral MVP, Skype, Skype for Business and Zoom can all be installed on demand, so most businesses will find their needs covered.

For getting around the interface a remote handset is included in the box, but we found it easier to plug in a USB keyboard and mouse. Bear in mind that, since there’s only one USB Type-A input port available, you’ll need to use a desktop set with a unified receiver, or plug in a USB hub. The same applies if you want to attach external storage. These aren’t expensive extras, though, especially considering the reasonable cost of the unit itself.

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