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6 Reasons to Choose MAXHUB's Digital Signage

6 Reasons to Choose MAXHUB's Digital Signage


The global video-conferencing market is booming, with the shift to more hybrid work having no doubt played a significant role. Reaching $6.03 billion in 2021, it is expected to hit $9.43 billion in 2026, highlighting its rising popularity in the modern world of work.

While users initially found video conferencing challenging due to connectivity issues, incompatible technology, and systems that don't adjust well to different environments, the latest high-tech displays solve all these issues. Not only do they help boost efficiency and productivity, and enhance team collaboration, but they also ensure an exceptional audiovisual experience.

You'll want a display that is as versatile as it is user-friendly, providing a total solution for your business. It should be adaptable to any meeting type as well as any space, compatible across collaboration platforms, allow for seamless screen-sharing, and integrate easily with your existing systems.

MAXHUB​'s Digital Signage offers a superior conferencing solution that does all this and more, ensuring every team is more effective, and every meeting more productive.

Here we unpack 6 reasons why MAXHUB's Digital Signage is the ultimate display solution.

1. Seamless Screen-Sharing

MAXHUB’s Share software works in perfect harmony with the MAXHUB Digital Signage in driving enhanced efficiency. Accelerate team productivity with easy, wireless screen-sharing across your devices and operating systems – all at the click of a button.

Display the content of two devices simultaneously on a split screen in picture-by-picture mode, elevating engagement with your presentations. And, thanks to an image latency of less than 90 milliseconds, you’ll feel as if you're streaming in real-time.

Collaborate safely and securely using MAXHUB Share’s advanced security access and privacy protection features. In Safe Mode, you can verify every participant's identity before they're allowed to share, and Do-Not-Disturb Mode helps prevent unwanted disruptions. The software encrypts all data before its transmitted, ensuring safe screen-sharing for everyone.

2. Crystal-Clear Visual Clarity

Your video-conferencing display should support your team, bringing their ideas to life. Whether you're sharing video, audio, charts, GIFs, or infographics, it should showcase your content with detailed clarity. With visually rich multimedia, you'll be able to hook your audience from the start, encouraging them to interact and engage with your meeting agenda.

Equipped with a 4K user interface that can display up to 1.07 billion colors, the MAXHUB Digital Signage offers pro-quality imaging. Enjoy a superior visual experience with optimized visibility under all conditions, thanks to its DC dimming functionality for flicker-free viewing, a non-glare panel, and high brightness that's able to withstand distracting ambient light.

3. A Total Solution for Every Space

From wide-open spaces in your open-plan office to a much smaller huddle room that requires high focus, your display should easily adjust to match your environment. The MAXHUB Digital Signage does just that, fanning inspiration in open spaces and bringing small huddle-room environments to life.

Purpose-built to make every team meeting more effective, the display performs effectively under all conditions, providing the flexibility and convenience you need to activate engagement in any setting. You can also optimize its impact by bundling it with other MAXHUB UC products.

In a large meeting room, we recommend pairing the Digital Signage with the MAXHUB UC P25 – our 4K ultra-high definition PTZ camera that delivers sensational, vibrant video conferencing. As well as our next-generation BM35 Bluetooth speakerphone to unlock a new level of audio clarity.

In a huddle room, we recommend bundling the display with the MAXHUB UC S10 Pro conference bar, which combines superior video and pro audio with built-in Android for a more productive meeting experience. In open spaces, pair it with a mobile stand when on the move for stability and refined elegance.

4. Easy Remote Management

Advanced conferencing displays can help you maximize your anticipated outcomes as they adjust to various scenarios. In a hybrid setting, for instance, they enhance collaboration and engagement while elevating productivity and efficiency. In physical meetings, not only do they offer these same benefits, but they also command the room with a visually stimulating display.

During big client presentations, conferences, or webinars, you may prefer having an expert hand assisting you behind the scenes so you can focus your attention on engaging and interacting with your audience. A device that can be remotely managed is indispensable in these scenarios so you can carry out your presentation flawlessly.

Powered by Bytello DMS, the MAXHUB Digital Signage can be managed, and its applications are configured remotely, ensuring every meeting runs smoothly. Your IT administrators will be able to remotely configure and manage the display, saving on labor and reducing the cost of on-site equipment installation and maintenance. While the web-cloud platform also allows them to transmit images, video, and text remotely, at any time.

5. Multiple Interfaces for Maximum Versatility

The MAXHUB Digital Signage is redefining the ease of use and flexibility for a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) world, interfacing seamlessly with the most popular personal devices through its RS232, audio in/out, HDMI, VGA, and RJ45 ports. The display is highly compatible across platforms, systems, and devices, removing the stress of connectivity issues.

Offering plug-and-play compatibility, we've eliminated the need for multiple devices and protocols with this total solution, allowing you to focus on what matters most – productive, efficient teamwork.

6. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Flexibility is key in today's hybrid world of work where remote colleagues and geographically dispersed clients are but a video call away. You need to be agile enough to connect on their terms, using their choice of collaboration software. This means any device you invest in needs seamless compatibility across platforms.

The MAXHUB Digital Signage makes conferencing a breeze. Powered by Windows, it promises compatibility with any popular third-party collaboration software you choose, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype, among others.

Responding to the challenge of today’s new world of work, the MAXHUB Digital Signage offers a total solution. Find out how this best-in-class display can help your business boost productivity, enhance collaboration, and foster creativity.

Learn more about the MAXHUB Digital Signage at or email

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