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5 Reasons to Partner with MAXHUB

5 Reasons to Partner with MAXHUB


MAXHUB envisions a world where connection is instant, collaboration is boundless, and creativity is infinite. Our team is focused on developing advanced solutions that enable limitless communication.

A trusted partner in the pro-audiovisual industry, MAXHUB’s ultra-modern ecosystem of technologies has enhanced business productivity since its inception. Our full-solution offering, from interactive, all-in-one, and LED displays, to high-tech UC products, means we provide complete support for the hybrid work environment.

We're focused on collaboration, driven by innovation, and powered by partnerships. Here's why you should make MAXHUB your distribution partner of choice.

1. State-of-the-Art Product Innovation

We're serious about developing high-tech, audiovisual solutions. As an innovation-led brand, our technical team makes up 57% of our staff. We have over 100 industry experts and, through our in-house custom development, we’ve secured over 6,700 patents.

Advancements in Video Technology

A 2020 global survey by Harvard Business Review revealed video as the top means of engagement used extensively by 80% of business leaders. MAXHUB has a deep understanding of this new video-first landscape. To meet this need, we've developed some of the most technologically advanced videoconferencing tools and features on the market.

Our UC products, equipped with MAXHUB AI Vision’s face-and-speaker tracking technology, deliver unparalleled accuracy in people detection and auto-framing. In addition, our low-noise sensor and 2D/3D de-noise algorithm provide clear images, even under the most challenging lighting conditions.

Built with smart-gallery auto-tracking, our cameras can follow up to eight participants' movements simultaneously. And our real-time hyper-stitching technology produces near distortion-free panoramic images, meaning every attendee looks as natural as possible.

Advancements in Audio Technology

Clear audio is a non-negotiable when hosting virtual meetings. Remote participants should be able to clearly hear and see the speaker or presenter to prevent any miscommunication.

MAXHUB's intelligent voice technology uses a high-accuracy source localization algorithm to determine the active speaker in a room. While our dereverberation algorithm, used across our UC product line, ensures our microphones pick up a more precise and natural sound.

We've eliminated echo and background noise using our triple-A algorithm which enhances and focuses on the main speaker. And the PZM structure of our speakerphones delivers crisp sound at every supported frequency range.

Advancements in Wireless Technology

The MAXHUB dongle, with cross-platform compatibility, means users can present wirelessly using all major OS systems, including Airplay for iOS, APP for Android, DLNA casting, macOS, and Windows. Teams can connect 9 devices while simultaneously displaying up to 4 on-screen.

Efficient, 4K-resolution streaming is guaranteed with an improved CRCP protocol and FEC algorithm that delivers a more effective network layer interconnection. MAXHUB's auto-sensing X-Link Proximity technology detects compatible hosts for one-click wireless screen-sharing so that users can start sharing and collaborating instantly.

2. Full-Solution Offering

From top-level decision-makers to teams on the floor, MAXHUB provides best-in-class collaboration solutions that are valued across professional organizations.

Cutting-Edge Conferencing Displays

Our all-in-one displays fulfill a variety of functions, serving as a projector, whiteboard, advertising signage, and computer. They’re perfect for local meetings and remote collaborations.

MAXHUB's V5 interactive flat panels – available in Classic, Vogue, and Transcend series – were developed to satisfy the unique needs of every business. This versatile range, equipped with advanced communication tools, offers outstanding sound and video performance.

The MAXHUB Digital Signage provides a flexible, total conferencing solution. With wireless screen-sharing and seamless systems integration, it amplifies productivity in every space.

The dynamic MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall Raptor Series helps teams stay connected. Built with immersive 4K resolution and fully integrated speakers, our LEDs are designed for high-quality collaboration.

Set up on one of our neat, noise-free stands, our displays provide a truly mobile solution.

Versatile, Advanced UC Solutions

MAXHUB's UC solutions are scalable and highly adaptable, meeting all a business's conferencing and collaboration needs. From huddle rooms to large multi-purpose halls, our range offers quickly deployable, professional products with advanced features for a superior audiovisual experience.

MAXHUB’s high-end line-up of video bars, panoramic and PTZ cameras, webcams, and Bluetooth speakerphones helps businesses unlock the incredible potential of video conferencing.

Convenient Monitoring and Device Management

Powered by Bytello DMS, MAXHUB enables easy remote device management, application configuration, and monitoring from a central site, ensuring every meeting runs smoothly.

3. Seamless User Experience

With 53% of people likely to consider a move to hybrid work this year, MAXHUB's solutions have been designed with this “new normal” in mind. Modern organizations need to equip their employees with intuitive tools that help bring teams closer, allowing them to interact effectively. This is why our technology focuses on enhancing both virtual and face-to-face team communications, elevating engagement and sparking creativity.

For a seamless user experience, our products have been developed with the corporate customer’s needs in mind. They'll spend less time struggling with awkward cables and more time collaborating.

4. Extensive Global Reach and Industry Success

MAXHUB has a global footprint that spans over 40 countries, including the USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, India, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Middle East. We work with over 300 partners and more than 50 local consultants.

Our international success is a testament to the value of our industry-leading products in providing complete business-communication solutions. For our efforts, we've been awarded numerous international accolades – most recently, the Red Dot Design Award 2022, SCN 2022 Most Innovative Videoconferencing Product, and IFC 2022 Best of Show Awards, among others.

5. Premium Customer Service

When partnering with MAXHUB, you are guaranteed premium-level service every time.

Users and partners have access to extensive online support through the MAXHUB online knowledge base (self-service) and MHGSS (manual service). With more than 60 local engineers and agents in over 30 countries, we provide a hassle-free experience. We're so confident in our comprehensive design, production, sales, and service chain that we offer a competitive 3-year Hot Swap Warranty for ultimate peace of mind.

Our partners and distributors also have 24/7 access to the MAXHUB College learning platform, both on- and offline. The platform offers partner-focused training to get you up to speed on brand and product messaging.

We provide customized e-learning and ready-to-access resources for multiple users to help you deliver the best customer experience. Through our ladder-up certificate system, you’ll have access to our frontier technology, level by level, and acquire official certifications once qualified.

As a global leader in high-tech communication and collaboration solutions, our world-class product portfolio helps businesses fully embrace the modern world of work.

Contact MAXHUB for our advanced products and trusted partner support, guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

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