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What To Look For in a Virtual Collaboration Partner

What To Look For in a Virtual Collaboration Partner


Virtual collaboration solutions have flooded the market in recent years. Beyond being necessary for remote work during the pandemic, many other factors have driven their adoption. These include greater workplace flexibility, shifting to a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) world, and more affordable high-tech solutions.

The latest audio-visual (AV) technology allows us to communicate better and in near real-time as we share information across remote and hybrid work environments. If your business or client is using video conferencing platforms, it's critical to consider the solutions you adopt carefully. Potential gains include heightened engagement, efficiency, productivity, and seamless collaboration across your organization.

Overcoming Technical Challenges

As most professionals know, the hybrid work transition hasn’t been without its challenges. One of the most prominent challenges has been broadly termed video conferencing or 'Zoom’ fatigue. Many employees report being exhausted by video meetings, with many more experiencing remote collaboration challenges. Technical hurdles and connectivity issues often result in meeting participants feeling frustrated and unproductive.

These common challenges outline why investing in solutions that enhance the video conferencing experience is vital. Today’s teams benefit from technology that simplifies meetings through seamless connectivity, bringing meeting participants to life so that workers feel connected and collaborate hassle-free. Many products are on the market, but not all have been created equally. For truly compelling meeting experiences, seeking out best-in-class, scalable products is critical.

Here's what to consider when looking for a virtual collaboration solutions partner:

1. Systems That Offer Versatile Functionality

You could consider each work environment independently and adopt the most effective technology to meet each room's needs. But a more cost-effective and versatile option is an all-in-one conferencing solution that can function as a projector, digital whiteboard, advertising signage, and computer. These displays adapt to any meeting type. Whether launching a new product or running a hybrid brainstorming session, they provide a total solution.

2. Seamless Screen-Sharing for Effortless Interaction

For a clutter-free, professional meeting or conferencing environment, look for solutions limiting cables' use. File- and screen-sharing should be wireless and easily conducted across devices. Your virtual collaboration platform should also enable multi-screen-sharing, allowing you to smoothly switch between screens or introduce a split-screen mode at the touch of a button. These features are especially useful during brainstorming sessions, allowing for unrestricted interaction.

3. Whiteboarding With Smart Annotation

Your whiteboarding solution should be user-friendly but technologically advanced enough to support smart annotation. The solution should allow your team members to easily display their thoughts, ideas, and designs. In addition, the whiteboard screen should respond quickly and accurately to the user's touch and have fine-tuned sensitivity in terms of pressure sensing for a more natural user experience. Speedy writing synchronization is also a must-have, and new information should be displayed almost simultaneously across devices so that no one is left out of the loop.

4. Picture-Perfect Display Quality

As most people are visual learners, the display of the collaboration tool is critical. The AV quality affects engagement and interaction among meeting participants and the impact of presentations. You’ll want a solution that provides crystal-clear picture quality so that when a remote participant is presenting, you can see their facial expressions and body language and pick up on any subtle nuances. The quality also shouldn’t be compromised when displaying multiple screens. You should be able to follow both the presentation content and the person speaking.

5. High-Tech Camera With Automatic Framing

The quality of your camera will affect how employees see each other and how your clients and stakeholders see you. Good camera quality is essential during pitches and product launches, for example, when you want to put your best foot forward in displaying your expertise. You'll benefit from high-definition, life-like clarity, and the entire meeting room should be visible so that everyone can feel involved. Another important feature is automatic framing, whereby the camera detects and zooms in on those speaking, adjusting the angles as necessary for a dynamic video experience.

6. Microphone System With Echo and Noise Cancellation

For many people, clear audio is more important than visual quality because it helps to prevent miscommunication. When selecting a microphone system, ensure it has a wide audio range that can capture voices no matter the size of the room or where people are seated. An all-in-one display solution accommodates various room sizes, so there’s no need for constant microphone reconfiguration. The product should also come equipped with the latest in echo and noise cancellation technology to limit meeting disruptions and hone in on voices. This way, there’s no confusion regarding who is speaking or presenting.

7. High-Powered Speakers Offering Clear Audio

Poor sound quality can lead to stress and anxiety during video conferencing. It’s important for remote workers to feel that they’re being heard and that their message is being carried across clearly. As a result, speaker technology has become highly advanced in recent years. Cedar audio is now a non-negotiable for effective, efficient communication.

8. Easy-To-Use System With Open Compatibility

Your video conferencing system should be simple and easy to use to prevent losing time during important meetings. All-in-one displays provide a seamless solution, allowing users access at the click of a button. And because they also function as a computer, most of today's popular conferencing software platforms, such as Zoom, Teams, and Skype, are easily accessible. The solution should also integrate easily with your existing AV system, so you don't have to spend money on additional resources.

9. Complete Solution Adaptable to Any Environment

When investing in a virtual collaboration solution, there may be many scenarios to consider, such as the system's primary purpose, screen size, and mobility. All-in-one displays take a lot of the pain out of this decision-making as they effortlessly adapt to all environments, whether a big open space or a huddle room. You'll also want to invest in an easily made mobile system so you can host meetings wherever's most appropriate.

Work With a Professional Virtual Collaboration Partner

No matter the size of your organization, investing in a high-quality video conferencing system will ensure a productive hybrid work environment that all meeting participants welcome. It's worth taking the time to consider all your options, as getting it wrong can be detrimental to your business's success.

Working with a professional video conferencing solutions provider, such as MAXHUB, is the first step to finding an AV setup perfect for you. A well-designed, unique, total solution will help boost collaboration, enhance engagement, and save your business time and money.

Learn more about MAXHUB's all-in-one conferencing displays.

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