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MAXHUB UC Fully Rolled Out in Japan

MAXHUB UC Fully Rolled Out in Japan


On January 25, 2022, MAXHUB held a small media briefing in Tokyo on its new Unified Communications (UC) products. With these products, MAXHUB is looking to expand its product lineup in Japan, where it has previously offered mainly interactive flat panels.

MAXHUB UC briefing photo1.jpg

Jackson Zhu, Regional Sales Manager of MAXHUB Japan, said that MAXHUB decided to fully roll out the UC products in Japan upon noticing the increasing adoption of the Activity Based Working (ABW) concept in Japanese companies and organizations. ABW is a work style in which employees can freely choose where and when to work according to the nature of their work, making them more productive.

"At the very core, activity-based working is a philosophy that drives the principles that people should be trusted, empowered, and equipped to work in a way that is independent of time and location," said Jackson, pointing out about implementing ABW as follows:

"To realize such a goal, rather than seeing space as static or unchanging, we need to evolve the working space to be nimble, adaptable, and compatible. Such evolvement requires the upgrade of space design as well as technology deployment.

The MAXHUB Unified Communication Solution is developed and designed under such a background."

The three MAXHUB UC products are released this time. All can be used with major video conferencing applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Skype.

Soundbar Pro (UC S10 Pro): Web camera with build-in microphone speaker

UC M30: 180-degree wide-angle web camera

UC M40: 360-degree omnidirectional web camera

MAXHUB UC briefing photo2.jpg

The MAXHUB UC Solution provides three key features essential to drive working space innovation.

  1. Nimble

The compact design of MAXHUB UC allows for easy and flexible portability from one place to another. It is plug-and-play ready and can be up and running with a single click, so there is no need for a complicated setup.

  1. Adaptable

MAXHUB offers a comprehensive UC solution combining personal webcams, microphone speakers, panoramic cameras, and integrated video bars. You can build a dynamic ecosystem that supports a wide range of work styles with different environments, conference room sizes, and the number of participants.

  1. Compatible

The MAXHUB UC drastically reduces the number of terminals needed through the all-in-one design, unlike traditional working spaces with multiple terminals requiring complex wiring and configuration. Also, adopting standard protocols and sockets ensures compatibility with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), where employees can use their personal devices for work.

MAXHUB is looking forward to supporting the reform of work styles in Japan through full-scale rollout of the Unified Communication products in the market.

*Photo courtesy: IT Life hack

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