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Take Your Teleconference Experience to the Next Level With MAXHUB Zoom Certified UC BM21

Take Your Teleconference Experience to the Next Level With MAXHUB Zoom Certified UC BM21


With the rise of hybrid and remote workspaces in light of Covid, MAXHUB has become an essential provider for unified communication solutions, empowering customers and businesses alike. As we continue to expand our portfolio of innovative communication products such as MAXHUB UC M40 and V5 Vogue Series, we are excited to announce that we have begun developing a new portfolio, as of today, our all-in-one UC BM21 Bluetooth Speakerphone will be the first of many future MAXHUB products to receive the Zoom Certification. 

Enjoy World-Leading Audio Quality

Saying we offer an industry-leading speakerphone such as the UC BM21 is a bold claim. However, what sets this speakerphone apart from other speakerphones is its Zoom Certification. But what does this mean? The Zoom Certification means the UC BM21 had to pass a number of vigorous technical tests to ensure it could deliver impeccable performance and a seamless experience on Zoom. Customers can confidently choose MAXHUB’s UC BM21 knowing it will deliver an exceptional conference speakerphone experience.


Powerful but Portable

Apart from its Zoom Certification, the UC BM21 offers a whole suite of features that makes it the prefered pick among speakerphones for any conference call. Weighing less than a pound and at only 5 inches wide, it is easily portable and packs a significant amount of power and audio quality. 

With UC BM21’s portability, intuitive plug-and-play design, 8-hour battery and wireless charging function, this speakerphone can be used – and taken anywhere, – from conference rooms to the living room.

Despite its compact size, the UC BM21 shines in the audio department. It features a 360-degree omnidirectional voice pickup capability, supported by its 6 element microphone to ensure every spoken word is delivered exactly as it was meant to. The speaker possesses cutting edge intelligent noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithm technology, providing you with an elevated audio experience. 

With a 5 meter audio pick up radius, the UC BM21 is the perfect Zoom speaker and microphone solution for the conference table in small to mid-sized meetings. 


Amplify Your Passion with Our Range of Zoom Certified Solutions 

As the world continues to adopt remote work and unified communication solutions, clear and seamless virtual meetings have become an expectation for most major clients and businesses. It has also become a necessity for fluid and productive collaboration. MAXHUB’s Zoom Certified UC BM21 checks all the boxes needed to provide a world-class virtual teleconference experience. 

We are excited to announce that we will be further developing our portfolio of Zoom Certified solutions to offer a full-360 solution for impeccable teleconference experiences.

With the Zoom certified UC BM21, you can rest assured that your colleagues and clients will appreciate, and be impressed with the exceptional audio quality the UC BM21 produces. At MAXHUB, we understand that any strong message requires an equally strong delivery. With UC MB21, we can be sure your message will be delivered with the clarity, clearness, and volume that reflects your passion.

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