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Creating an Immersive Office Space with LED

Creating an Immersive Office Space with LED


MAXHUB’s Suman Dhakal explains how LED walls can create an inviting, collaborative environment.

The topic of office design has never been more en vogue or necessary as it is now.

Across the world, managers are re-designing their office spaces to make them compliant with local restrictions, and to make them fit for a hybrid working world, where not all employees will be in the same place at the same time.

According to market intelligence firm 360 Market Updates, the global LED display market was valued at $6.2bn in 2019. That figure is expected to increase to $8.9bn by the end of 2026.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic saw demand for LED screens in certain sectors, such as events and hospitality, to shrink as those sectors effectively shut down worldwide.

But Suman Dhakal, Channel Sales Manager at MAXHUB, told UC Today that though demand has shrunk in these traditional industries, he has seen demand rise in new verticals and opportunities arise as a result of the pandemic.

“ New verticals have opened up for us, such as in the meeting room – that’s where we’ve seen the fastest growth,” he explained.

“ Another market we’ve seen demand in is the city control room and command centre space, such as a traffic control command centre. They used to use LCD walls, but end users are increasingly moving to an LED wall because they see the advantages of it: its brighter, has better colour reproduction, and there’s no frame so they can get one large continuous LED wall”

Managers need to go“ back to basics” regarding hardware when designing an immersive office experience for employees, according to Dhakal. They need to invest in high-quality mics, cameras, speakers and displays, but it is software that truly creates that immersive experience, he added.

“ For example, cameras that can edit the background noise and can do auto framing – that’s what we were seeing in the industry now, ” he continued.

“ There’s also a lot of you can do with microphones, such as pointing to the speaker and hearing with great clarity. ”

“ The ideal immersive experience is one that increases productivity, and that provides employees with a feeling of a more natural settings; people want to feel like they are collaborating together. ”

MAXHUB’s Raptor integrated LED wall offers managers a simple way to create an immersive experience for their staff, whether they are home or office based. Offering easy-to-use controls and settings features, the LED wall ensures participants and presenters can interact naturally, using integrated high-quality speakers and an Android operating system.

It also offers screen-sharing for up to four windows and low-latency stable mirroring support to ensure seamless collaboration between teams.

“ What MAXHUB has been doing has been revolutionary in the LED wall industry, especially when it comes to office space and meeting rooms, ” Dhakal declared.

“ We’ve developed a lightweight and slimmer design with better aesthetics that is light enough that the wall can support it. ”

“ Traditionally, when people talk about the LED wall it can sound a little complicated to most end users: there are a lot of controls and a lot of settings, but we made it really easy. We have integrated everything into one display. ”


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