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MAXHUB Introduces the Raptor Series Integrated LED Wall Displays

MAXHUB Introduces the Raptor Series Integrated LED Wall Displays



MAXHUB is pleased to announce the new Raptor Series Integrated LED Wall Displays. Consisting of seven models ranging in size from 120 inches diagonal to 220 inches diagonal, the new Raptor Series was created to radically simplify control and setting features while enabling participants and presenters alike to interact more naturally, and completely.

Of its numerous advanced features, the Raptor Series integrated studio quality speakers enhances voice intelligibility—enabling meeting participants to hear clearly and be more engaged. With an integrated 30-watt internal audio amplifier and dual loudspeakers, the new Raptor Series ensures exceptional audio quality with studio-grade, professionally tuned clarity that must be experienced to be fully appreciated. Equally notable, these new displays add SPDIF audio output capability, making it easier to interface the audio with consumer grade loudspeaker systems.

Among the numerous additional system improvements, the Raptor Series adds a 3rd HDMI Input, increasing from 2 HDMI inputs on previous models. This additional input increases the number of devices that can feed content to the display—enhancing the types of material that may be easily accessed during any meeting. The Raptor Series also provides USB 3.0 input connectivity, which facilitates increased data transfer speeds for connected equipment.

With the inclusion of MAXHUB’s enhanced video processor, the new Raptor Series is now capable of PBP (Picture By Picture) functionality, which separates the screen in half—displaying output from two different source devices simultaneously on the left and right sides of the screen. Similarly, PIP (Picture In Picture) capability is also available. PIP separates the screen into two parts. One source device is displayed on the main screen at the same time another source device is displayed in an inset window.

Rounding out the numerous enhancements offered in the Raptor Series, the operating system has been upgraded from Android V7.1 to V9.0, which enables LAN screen-sharing for up to 4 windows in addition to low-latency stable mirroring support. This improvement provides enhanced BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) sharing of content, resulting in even greater flexibility for all meeting attendees. Further, these new displays offer upgraded Wi-Fi capability to 2.4G and 5G dual network duplex.

With a wealth of improvements, the new Raptor Series delivers stunning visuals to maximize the impact on meeting attendees. With improved centralized network control connectivity and their support for LAN/RS232/485 connectivity, these new displays are designed to keep meeting attendees focused like never before. We have every confidence prospective customers will be impressed.

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