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The Well-Rounded Performer
Crystal Clear Calls
PZM Structure Design
High-Performance Speaker
Proven audio quality
Acoustic echo cancellation
Built-in high-performance large dynamic speakers, with intelligent noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithms, and PZM structure design bring you a high-quality voice experience.
Make Your Voice Heard
A MAXHUB BM20 Speakerphone supports 360-degree omnidirectional audio pickup to receive the voice from every seat in a meeting room.
4 Metres²
Voice Pickup Radius
Set up in Seconds
Mobile Phone
Interactive Flat Panel
Seamless Connection
Connect via Bluetooth,
a USB cable or an audio cable³
Plug and Play
Instantly operational
after connection
Multiple Devices Connection
Connects up to 3 devices at the same time via Bluetooth + USB cable + audio cable
8-hour Battery Life⁴
Supports 8 hours of Playtime on a single charge
with the maximum volume
Product Comparison
BM21 BM20 BM11
Product ID alt alt alt
Mechanical design Metal shell Metal shell Metal shell
Wireless charging
Microphone arrays 6 6 3
Voice pick-up distance
5 metres 4 metres 3 metres
Bluetooth dongle Standard Optional Optional
To support 360°omnidirectional audio pickup, MAXHUB Speakerphone needs to be unobstructed.
Based on test results from MAXHUB Lab, the test environment is within a meeting room with reverberation
time less than 1s, voice being recognizable and identified as effective audio pick up.
To achieve ideal results, MAXHUB recommends using MAXHUB USB cables and MAXHUB audio cables,
which are boxed together with MAXHUB Speakerphones.
Based on test results from MAXHUB Lab, the actual usage time depends on the environment and battery consumption.

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