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Top Four Benefits of a Unified Communications System

Top Four Benefits of a Unified Communications System


While the pandemic has introduced several challenges and obstacles to overcome, it has also paved the way for streamlined communication and enhanced technological tools.

With the rise of remote work, businesses have adopted digital solutions so that employees – whether they are in the office or working remotely – can connect easily. They can effectively collaborate with the help of various technologies, including a unified communications (UC) system.

While various industries rely on video conferencing services or other messaging services to keep in touch with coworkers, a UC system would be more beneficial for businesses than a mix of incompatible tools.

A UC system serves as a high-tech digital solution for all business communication needs. It helps teams adapt to a dynamic, international, and fast-paced work environment - and here’s how.

What is a Unified Communications System?

A UC system is a collaborative tool that offers seamless interaction for a distributed team. It combines various equipment, software, and services to provide a unified communications channel that can be integrated into existing networks and systems within an organization.

A UC system can offer the following tools:


With the benefits a UC system offers, it is no surprise that 42% of companies have increased their adoption. Each organization will benefit from different UC products depending on its needs.

Top Four Benefits of a Unified Communication System

By combining several digital tools into a consolidated platform, UC products remove distractions and increase productivity. Let’s explore a few of the (many) benefits of a UC system.

1. Improved Communications and Collaboration

Communication is key to keeping a team working toward shared goals. UC systems include tools such as Voice Over IP (VoIP) , video communications, and messaging platforms that prioritize collaboration, making it easy to work productively as a team.

With an increased number of team members working from home, the opportunity for water cooler conversations and brainstorming ideas are missed. With UC, remote employees can continue to engage in these conversations and improve collaboration.

2. Increased Productivity

A survey revealed that businesses adopting UC experienced an average of 52% productivity improvement in the workplace and a 45% increase in business efficiency.

The ease of communication that UC affords improves the rate of task completion – UC allows team members to communicate as they need to, on whatever platform or device suits them best. The channels enable two-way communication allowing for quick feedback and reduced bottlenecks.

3. Improved Customer Service

While UC can benefit your internal operations, it can also improve your customer service. With your customers also adopting remote work, they are also turning to digital solutions to meet their needs and having UC systems in place can be beneficial to them.

With UC, you can improve customer service and satisfaction by:

  • Enabling customers to use their preferred method of communication
  • Leveraging remote agents
  • Maintaining better audio quality for a more productive conversation

4. Increased Revenue

With enhanced collaboration, productivity, and customer service, it’s no surprise that you can improve profitability.

Research reveals that 34.3% of businesses have reduced IT spend by an average of $161,000 a year simply shifting to cloud-based UC systems and removing redundant apps. By implementing a UC system, businesses can decrease expenses, increase revenue and maximize profit.

The Bottom Line

There’s no denying that the workplace dynamic has shifted significantly and is likely to continue on this trajectory. A unified communications system will help your organization run smoothly and improve revenue while improving efficiency with reduced snags, miscommunication, and failed projects.

For more information on implementing a UC system in your organization, please feel free to reach out to us.

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