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MAXHUB & Intel

As an Intel Titanium partner, MAXHUB harnesses the power of Intel's high-performance processors to empower its core products. With robust computing capabilities, it delivers professional-grade image and video processing, seamlessly supporting video conferencing software like Microsoft Teams and ZOOM.

This collaborative effort aims to create a top-notch integrated meeting solution, accelerating collaborative workspaces and intelligent meetings. Get ready to turbocharge your user experience. Together, unlock a world of endless possibilities.

MAXHUB Xcore Kit
MAXHUB All-in-one Collaboration Display
This remarkable Kit boasts a powerful Intel® Core™️ Processor and a high-resolution 10.1-inch Teams Rooms console with a motion sensor. Together, they help empower the switch to Microsoft Teams Rooms smart spaces for BYOD scenarios, by enhancing Teams-native audio and video experiences while accommodating cost-balance needs.
As an Intel Titanium partner, MAXHUB All-in-one Collaboration Display comes with a pluggable and “future” upgradable PC Module powered by Intel Core i5 and Core i7 Processors. Offered with MAXHUB Collaboration Software or Zoom Rooms edition, the collaboration between MAXHUB and Intel has produced some of the industry’s best Unified Communications Platforms to work on.


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