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MAXHUB Introduces the UC BM35 Bluetooth Teleconference Speakerphone

MAXHUB Introduces the UC BM35 Bluetooth Teleconference Speakerphone


Crystal clear sound and a powerful, 8-microphone array for exceptional pickup capability lead a rich feature set

MAXHUB, a premier provider of collaborative communication and interactive class delivery solutions, is pleased to announce the UC BM35 Bluetooth Teleconference Speakerphone—the latest iteration of the company’s line of exceptional teleconference speakerphone systems. Ideal for teleconferencing, online training, and work-from-home scenarios, the UC BM35 offers a variety of connection options, Plug and Play connectivity, and a long lasting, 30-hour battery life.

With dimensions equaling 5-inches square by 1.5 inches high, the MAXHUB UC BM35 is an aesthetically elegant device that looks right at home in any hi-tech environment where computers and displays are found. Featuring superior treble and bass control, the combination tweeter and woofer loudspeaker system delivers a sound frequency spectrum of 80Hz-18kHz and is optimized to keep human voices clear and articulate—resulting is sound that is highly intelligible. Equally important, sound for music or videos is clear and natural, thus making the UC BM35 an ideal tool for a wide range of teleconferencing situations.

The UC BM35’s input capabilities are equally impressive. Utilizing an 8-microphone array that provides depth to conversations, meeting participants will experience exceptional coverage—with every detail coming through loud and clear. The UC BM35 utilizes 360-degree omnidirectional audio algorithms that accurately capture voices up to 19 feet away, enabling everyone in the meeting to make their voices heard with clear and natural sounding delivery.

Another important aspect of the UC BM35’s design is its ability to deliver consistent volume for more natural sounding conversations. To ensure this, intelligent algorithms dynamically adjust the level of meeting participant voices to ensure a consistent output on the other end of the conversation. With Automatic Gain Control, fluctuating volume levels are kept to a minimum—even if participants are moving while they speak. Additionally, with its full duplex audio capability, the UC BM35 distributes audio from each side of the conversation through separate channels, resulting in a natural, organic approach to online meetings.

For teleconferencing, clear, articulate sound is essential so all participants can understand what is being said. To help deliver superior sonic performance, the UC BM35 incorporates state-of-the-art reverberation suppression technology that keeps unnecessary distractions to an absolute minimum. Even in highly reflective meeting environments where, for example, there is a lot of glass, the UC BM35 intelligently absorbs echo and, with its Direction of Arrival (DOA) capabilities, localizes the sound to help keep the focus on meeting participants. In addition to its reverb suppression technology, the UC BM35 is supported by AI (Artificial Intelligence) noise cancellation and acoustic echo cancellation. These features enable the UC BM35 to filter out noise to improve one’s focus and enhance the collaborative experience.

Charles Montoya, Director of Sales and Marketing of UC Products for MAXHUB’s North American operations, commented on the new MAXHUB UC BM35 Bluetooth Teleconference Speakerphone, “The UC BM35 represents the latest step forward in terms of enhancing communication during online meetings. The unit’s Bluetooth capability facilitates wireless communication that can easily be expanded by connecting via True Wireless Stereo to enhance pickup range and double the reach. Its versatile connectivity options are equally noteworthy and include Plug-and-Play USB Type C connections, Bluetooth, and NFC (Near-field communication). And with its 4400mAh, 30-hour battery, there’s no need to cut any meeting short. I am confident the new UC BM35 will be well received by all who experience it.”

To learn more about the MAXHUB UC BM35 Bluetooth Teleconference Speakerphone, visit For pricing and availability, contact MAXHUB at (949) 270-5325.



As an innovation-driven team, MAXHUB focuses on developing collaboration solutions that enable immersive communications. We have enhanced team creativity and productivity worldwide by providing advanced audio-visual technologies and one-stop solutions. MAXHUB products can be found in leading venues the world over. For more information, visit MAXHUB at

* MAXHUB is a registered trademark. Please use the MAXHUB name as it appears throughout the press release. Thank you.

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(949) 270-5325

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