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MAXHUB Introduces the V6 Classic and V6 ViewPro Series  Interactive Flat Panels

MAXHUB Introduces the V6 Classic and V6 ViewPro Series Interactive Flat Panels


Multiple panel sizes deliver an engaging, effortless online conferencing experience

MAXHUB, a premier provider of collaborative communication and LED display solutions, is pleased to announce the V6 Classic and V6 ViewPro Series Interactive Flat Panels. Outfitted with rich feature sets, these new displays will launch at the Zoom User Conference hosted By Zoom Video Communications, Inc. on November 8-9, 2022, at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA. They will also be showcased at the DSE (Digital Signage Experience) show in Las Vegas, NV on November 17, 2022.

Both the V6 Classic and V6 ViewPro are exceptional solutions for meetings, collaboration, and presentations. These panels make it easy to host remote meetings and local discussions no matter the size of the organization—from start-up teams to multinational companies. The V6 Classic is available in four sizes: 55-, 65-, 75-, and 86-inches diagonally while the V6 ViewPro is available in 65- and 86-inch diagonal form factors.

V6 Classic Interactive Flat Panels (IFP)

The MAXHUB V6 Classic IFPs feature professional, 4K UHD displays with a wide 90% NTSC (National Television System Committee) rating that provides world-class, vivid imagery. As a touch screen, these displays encompass 20 touch points with 2mm touch point recognition. Wireless screen sharing is made easy via either MAXHUB’s Share app or via a wireless dongle. As a smart whiteboard, the V6 Classic excels. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is supported, and these displays include multiple built-in templates—making it easy to present information in a visually appealing manner.

To ensure clear imagery, the V6 Classic’s integrated camera with 48 million pixels offers optimal viewing in both dark and bright scenes with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range). Equally important is the display’s audio capabilities. The MAXHUB V6 Classic incorporates 8 built-in far-field beam-forming microphone arrays with a voice pickup range of 26 feet to deliver clear conversations. For listening to those on the other end of the line, these displays integrate a 2.1 channel audio playback system with dual 10-watt loudspeakers and one 20-watt LF transducer. All functionality is managed by a 10th Generation Intel® CPU for powerful performance—resulting in a fluid experience.

V6 ViewPro Interactive Flat Panels

Designed for larger environments common in many facilities operated by Fortune 500 / 1000 organizations, the MAXHUB V6 ViewPro series 4K displays are available in either 65- or 86-inch diagonal sizes. The MAXHUB V6 ViewPro series take both the built-in camera and audio performance to an even higher level. To provide the flexibility and performance commonly required in larger spaces, the V6 ViewPro displays offer a dual camera setup that features a 48 MP (Megapixel) fixed lens camera as well as an 8 MP camera with 3X optical zoom capability for a more up-close image with Wide Dynamic Range. And to ensure optimum audio quality in larger spaces, these displays incorporate 8 built-in far-field beam-forming microphone arrays with a voice pickup range of 39 feet to deliver clear conversations.

As is the case with the MAXHUB V6 Classic series, the V6 ViewPro touchscreen displays provide 20 touch points with 2mm touch point recognition. Screen sharing is made easy via MAXHUB’s Share app and, for whiteboard applications, these displays support OCR and include multiple built-in templates to help presenters deliver their information clearly and precisely. To ensure optimum performance, the V6 ViewPro displays utilize a 10th Generation Intel® CPU.

Sam Malik, Director of Sales and Marketing for MAXHUB throughout the United States, commented on the new MAXHUB V6 Classic and V6 ViewPro Interactive Flat Panels, “Both the V6 Classic and the V6 ViewPro all-in-one IFP’s are feature-loaded tools designed to communicate and collaborate clearly and effectively. With their embedded audio, video, and i5 OPS users can easily deploy these IFP’s in huddle and small conference rooms. By adding our award-winning UC camera and speakerphone, users can increase room coverage to handle medium and large conference room needs. This allows for companies to have simplified deployment, installation, and management. MAXHUB will be demonstrating the V6 Classic, at both the upcoming Zoomtopia Zoom User Conference and the Digital Signage Experience Shows, to give attendees an up-close look at the capabilities these displays offer.”

Upcoming showcase locations and dates:

  • Zoomtopia – Zoom User Conference, San Jose, CA, November 8-9, 2022. Booth #43
  • Digital Signage Experience, Las Vegas, NV, November 17, 2022. Booth #205.

To learn more about the MAXHUB V6 Classic and V6 ViewPro Series Interactive Flat Panels, visit For pricing and availability, contact MAXHUB at (949) 270-5325.


As an innovation-driven team, MAXHUB focuses on developing collaboration solutions that enable immersive communications. We have enhanced team creativity and productivity worldwide by providing advanced audio-visual technologies and one-stop solutions. MAXHUB products can be found in leading venues the world over. For more information, visit MAXHUB at

* MAXHUB is a registered trademark. Please use the MAXHUB name as it appears throughout the press release. Thank you.

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