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MAXHUB - Announces New Website Geared for the Americas

MAXHUB - Announces New Website Geared for the Americas


Designed to make access to product information, updates,
and customer support more accessible

MAXHUB, a premier provider of collaborative communication and LED display solutions, is pleased to introduce the company’s new website. Designed specifically for the Americas, the new mobile device friendly MAXHUB website ( presents a wealth of product information, customer testimonials and success stories, improved customer service and support, a blog section with the latest news, plus a software downloads section—all focused on delivering a world-class customer experience.

As video is a crucial element in today’s collaborative business environment, prospective customers will be impressed with the new website’s Products Section. Not only will they find a wealth of clearly presented product information, they will also be able to visualize how a product is commonly used—thanks to ample use of imagery, animations, and other graphic design elements geared toward presenting information clearly and concisely.

To help prospective customers gain a sense of how a product may aid their endeavors, there is also a customer testimonials and success stories section. The ability to see how others have deployed and used MAXHUB products to address various business / presentation objectives is invaluable, as it helps one visualize how a product may benefit their own situation.

To better assist customers with questions and address various support issues, the new MAXHUB website now has a Customer Support and Service section. This is also closely integrated with a new section for software downloads, which is intended to help customers keep their products up to date and delivering optimal performance. This area of the website presents an ideal opportunity for customers to share their experiences with the company and, as such, software updates can also be an important means of gaining new features that may be added to a particular product. With its knowledge-based design, the interface makes it easy to access the desired information or drivers. Similarly, customers can gain insight into how a particular product may be used in sessions involving MAXHUB technology partners such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

As technology is, in many ways, key to the presentation of information, visitors to the new website will appreciate MAXHUB’s new Blog section. This area will be continuously updated with the latest news and events—giving prospective and current customers yet another opportunity to learn how others are using MAXHUB products and benefit from their experiences.

Sam Malik, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, commented on the company’s new website, “The presentation of information can be a key factor in the success many people experience with a variety of products. When it comes to online collaboration, technology plays a dominant role in the experience. I believe MAXHUB products make optimal use of technology, and this new website—with its mobile friendly design— should go a long way in helping customers gain a better sense of how to get the most benefit from their investment. Like all online endeavors, websites are continually evolving to better present information, and our launch of the new MAXHUB site is no exception. This website will continuously grow and evolve to provide our customers with the best resource for information related to our types of products. I’m delighted with what I see in the now and am eager to discover where it takes us over time.”

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