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Do More for Less and Maximize Efficiency, with MAXHUB XT Series for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Do More for Less and Maximize Efficiency, with MAXHUB XT Series for Microsoft Teams Rooms


Unleashing Native Microsoft Teams Rooms Experience by Adding MAXHUB XCore Kit to Your BYOD Scenarios

MAXHUB introduces a one-stop hardware solution - MAXHUB XT Series for Microsoft Teams Rooms, elevating the convenience and efficiency of every step of the user journey — spanning procurement, installation, utilization, and post-maintenance.

MAXHUB offers a variety of customized product combinations specifically designed for Microsoft Teams Rooms in three essential bundles. They comprise a Windows-based Microsoft Teams Rooms compute and table top console kit – the MAXHUX XCore Kit, that can be combined with the MAXHUB UC W31 USB camera, the MAXHUB UC BM35 speakerphone, or MAXHUB UC S07 integrated videobar. All of these can be seamlessly paired with MAXHUB commercial displays ranging from 55 to 105 inches, supporting both 16:9 aspect ratio of the MAXHUB CMA series, and 21:9 aspect ratio of the MAXHUB UW105NA, to contribute to a Signature Microsoft Teams Room experience. These bundles have been crafted to meet the needs of meeting rooms with different functional requirements for 1-8 people, covering Focus Rooms, Small Rooms, and Signature Rooms.

Bundle A: MAXHUB XCore Kit — Empowering BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to switch to Microsoft Teams Rooms smart space

Elevate your meeting space with the MAXHUB XCore Kit for Microsoft Teams, a solution including a Windows-based compute and console, that is competitively priced to enable a full Microsoft Teams Rooms experience at the cost typically budgeted for a BYOD room. This kit boasts a powerful 12th Gen Intel® CoreTM Processor, delivering exceptional performance, and a high-resolution 10.1-inch Teams Rooms console with a motion sensor for an intuitive and immersive user experience. Compatible with Microsoft Teams Rooms, the kit helps facilitate the easy upgrade of existing BYOD rooms to switch to a full Microsoft Teams Rooms, creating smart spaces, with Teams-native audio and video experiences at unparalleled cost effective pricing.

Bundle B: MAXHUB XT10-WS Kit — A more flexible Microsoft Teams Rooms solution for an enhanced user experience

Expanding on the foundation of the XCore Kit, the MAXHUB XT10-WS Kit incorporates a high-quality speakerphone plus a USB camera for your meeting room. This bundle adeptly caters to participants’ dynamic audio and video needs, driving a flexible and seamless collaboration experience.

Bundle C: MAXHUB XT10-VB Kit — A simpler Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment solution

Building upon the XCore Kit, the MAXHUB XT10-VB Kit showcases its versatility with the addition of the MAXHUB UC S07 integrated videobar. Designed with simplified frontline one-cable deployment and remarkable expandability, this bundle is most easy to deploy in any room with an existing room display.

Display Options — Rounding up the room display requirements, from Focus Rooms to Signature Teams Rooms

MAXHUB offers a wide range of options to incorporate a MAXHUB display screens on top of the three new Microsoft Teams Rooms bundles mentioned above, providing users with versatile possibilities for customization. MAXHUB delivers a wide range of solutions to optimize meeting spaces with innovative layouts, including tailored "Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms." Among these options, the MAXHUB 105-inch, 21:9 display UW105NA truly stands out, be it the LCD version or the DVLED version. It provides a generous canvas for showcasing project content, accommodating remote attendees, and meeting chats. This enables on-site meeting participants to fully immerse themselves in the displayed meeting content, elevating the overall meeting experience to a whole new dimension and eliminating potential distractions. If a more traditional 16:9 display is warranted, MAXHUB also offers the option to include the CMA Series of displays with sizes ranging from 43 to 98 inches.

"We welcome MAXHUB, as a new hardware partner to the Teams Rooms ecosystem, for Microsoft Teams Rooms and a wide range of USB peripherals Certified for Microsoft Teams," said Albert Kooiman, Senior Director, Microsoft Teams Partner Engineering and Certification at Microsoft. “The MAXHUB Microsoft Teams Rooms XCore Kit is ideal to upgrade any of your high impact BYOD spaces to a full Microsoft Teams Rooms experience, at the most affordable price in the market.”

“In the coming months, MAXHUB will bring to market a full range of Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows, including rooms peripherals Certified for Microsoft Teams and a range of commercial displays optimized for the Teams Rooms experience,” said Darren Lin, Vice General Manager, MAXHUB Global Business. “In the current scenario where hybrid and flexible work has become the norm, we aim to promote meeting equity, foster collaboration, and maximize efficiency with quality products."


*CMA = MAXHUB CMA Series Commercial Display/

*UW105NA = MAXHUB UW105NA Commercial Display


MAXHUB is an industry leader in smart displays and audiovisual technology, focusing on communication and collaboration. As an R&D-led organization, they have developed a series of industry-leading solutions that help keep people seamlessly connected and make teamwork more efficient and effective.

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