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MAXHUB Unveils XCore Kit, Bringing the Microsoft Teams Rooms Experience to Broader Spaces

MAXHUB Unveils XCore Kit, Bringing the Microsoft Teams Rooms Experience to Broader Spaces


BARCELONA, Jan. 24 – MAXHUB, the global leader in integrated communications and display solutions, today announces that its XCore Kit and two UC peripherals have been Certified for Microsoft Teams. The entry-level MAXHUB XCore Kit aims to upgrade small and medium BYOD rooms to fully certified Microsoft Teams Rooms with maximized cost-efficiency and elevating the experience for hybrid teams and collaborations.

The XCore Kit, along with other bundles and peripherals, constitute the MAXHUB XT Series. The XT Series offers a comprehensive Teams Rooms solution, with a console kit, camera options, speakerphone, and optional display choices, making it effortless to convert your BYOD meeting rooms. 

Darren Lin, CEO of MAXHUB US, said "We aim to foster inspiration and meaningful connections. The remarkable affordability of the MAXHUB XCore Kit is a direct outcome of our unique position as the sole solution provider in the market that delivers a complete array of in-house-developed unified communication, display, and interactive flat panel product portfolios. Our 19-year experience of extensive research and development, coupled with our robust supply chain management capabilities, significantly reduces the barrier to entry for accessing the Microsoft Teams Rooms experience."

MAXHUB XCore Kit Transforms BYOD Rooms into Microsoft Teams Rooms

The MAXHUB XCore Kit, consisting of the compute and console, offers the ideal solution for upgrading BYOD rooms into Teams Rooms, particularly catering to small to medium-sized spaces. 

The kit ensures seamless integration with existing meeting room systems and BYOD setups, streamlining installation while protecting legacy investments. With MAXHUB’s 105-inch 21:9 display, users can effortlessly transition to a more immersive experience. Should a 16:9 display be required, MAXHUB offers the option to include the CMA Series of displays, with sizes ranging from 43 to 98 inches. 

Other features of the XCore Kit include:

-Windows-based compute module is equipped with the 12th Gen Intel® CoreTM Processor with the TPM 2.0 for a robust and secure meeting environment.

-Touch console comes with an antiglare 10.1” Full HD touch screen providing intuitive collaboration and management experience.

-One USB-C cable system easily connects your front-of-room display and any existing USB peripherals.

-Seamless integration with MAXHUB and the ecosystem of meeting room peripherals and other existing meeting room systems. 

-3-year warranty and local support.

MAXHUB XT Series Streamlines Purchasing and Deployment

The MAXHUB XT Series stands as an optimal choice for hybrid meeting spaces, seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Teams Rooms. Featuring an extensive product portfolio encompassing console kits, peripherals, and an array of cutting-edge display options, the XT Series presents a versatile solution to elevate your collaboration endeavors and unlock limitless potential. 

Building upon the XCore Kit, the Certified for Microsoft Teams MAXHUB XT10-VB Kit bundles the MAXHUB UC S07 integrated video bar, featuring simplified frontline one-cable deployment and remarkable expandability. The XT10-WS Kit, pairing the UC BM35 speakerphone with the UC W31 smart camera, addresses participants’ diverse audio and video requirements. Aside from the kit choices, MAXHUB provides abundant audio and video peripherals, as well as various commercial displays of different sizes and ratios, seamlessly integrating with existing meeting room equipment, and allowing users to easily customize their setup to suit their specific requirements.  

MAXHUB XT Series for Microsoft Teams Rooms

MAXHUB's commitment to providing a comprehensive range of solutions for modern meeting spaces extends beyond just hardware. With the MAXHUB XT Series, users not only get top-notch devices but also a one-stop shopping experience for all their meeting room needs. With the comprehensive lineup, MAXHUB continues to empower organizations with seamless, efficient, and innovative meeting solutions.

To learn more about MAXHUB products for Microsoft Teams Rooms, please visit

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