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Experience “Collaboration, Anywhere” with MAXHUB at InfoComm Southeast Asia 2022

Experience “Collaboration, Anywhere” with MAXHUB at InfoComm Southeast Asia 2022


MAXHUB, a leader in audiovisual technology and a trusted business partner, will be showcasing our latest corporate solutions at InfoComm Southeast Asia (SEA) 2022. Find us at booth A10 from 2-4 November at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC) in Thailand.

Learn more about our premium products and be among the first to experience some of our brand-new devices built for collaboration, anywhere.

Engage First-Hand with MAXHUB’s Latest Solutions

  • MAXHUB’s High-Performance Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) Series

Be one of the first to experience the latest version of our IFP solution – a complete upgrade to our V5 series – at the MAXHUB booth. Not yet launched globally, visitors will enjoy a sneak peek into its standout features, including next-level writing interaction, and a top-notch presentation and audiovisual experience.

Both the V5 and new IFP series, powered with an Intel Core Processor, will be on display at InfoComm SEA where we’ll be putting the devices through their paces. The high-performance Intel processor, designed for intelligent performance and immersive visuals, guarantees 4K, ultra-HD quality, robust multitasking capabilities, and creative freedom.

MAXHUB is an Intel Titanium IoT Solutions partner, signifying exceptional business and technical skills, and proficiency in developing advanced solutions using Intel technologies.

  • MAXHUB’s Digital Signage – The Ultimate Conferencing Display Solution

The newly launched Digital Signage will make its Bangkok debut at the InfoComm SEA exhibition. Purpose-built to make every team meeting more effective, this best-in-class 4K conferencing solution enhances efficiency under all conditions. Thanks to safe, wireless screen-sharing, the display amplifies productivity and team engagement in every space.

Digital Signage makes teamwork easy in small huddle-room environments while commanding attention in boardroom-sized venues. Equally powerful in open spaces, this versatile MAXHUB device offers solutions in a variety of meeting settings. It's also a cost-competitive solution, perfect for small-to-medium companies hosting local and remote collaboration and brainstorming sessions.

Visitors will also experience our brand-new range of UC solutions including:

  • MAXHUB’s Advanced BM35 Bluetooth Speakerphone

The BM35 Bluetooth speakerphone is an intelligent conferencing solution built for immersive, disruption-free meetings. Thanks to its powerful reception and 360° omnidirectional audio algorithms, every voice is heard loud and clear. Optimized to keep human voices crisp, the BM35 allows for smooth conferencing that feels as natural as a face-to-face discussion.

Designed for modern, hybrid meetings, this premium device from MAXHUB provides exceptional coverage in any environment. The BM35’s AI noise and acoustic echo cancellation technology intelligently absorbs and filters out intrusive sound, enhancing meeting productivity with superior, high-fidelity (hi-fi) sound quality.

  • MAXHUB’s State-of-the-Art UC P25 PTZ Camera

Equipped with unrivaled imaging technology, MAXHUB’s new UC P25 PTZ camera produces vibrant image and video quality, regardless of room size. Thanks to its built-in, low-lux technology and intelligent algorithms, expect brilliant color and detail. It also neutralizes disruptive glare and shadows to allow for perfectly balanced images under all conditions.

This 4K UHD camera captures every meeting participant in crisp detail, with no gesture or facial expression missed. And thanks to easy-to-control remote functionality, its users can fine-tune their focus at the touch of a button for seamless collaboration across hybrid teams.

Established MAXHUB Solutions Also on Display

  • MAXHUB’s UC M40 – Our Highly Celebrated All-in-One Conference Camera

Style meets substance with the MAXHUB UC M40 which integrates a 360° camera, speakers, and voice-tracking microphones. From one-tap mode switching to the LED voice location indicator, this multi-award-winning device turns even challenging spaces into productive meeting places.

The M40 is ready to perform straight out of the box without the need to install software and configure complicated settings. You'll experience minimal distortion, more direct communication, and natural and immersive collaboration. Its 360° panoramic wide-angle view means that you’ll be front and center on the screen even if you're seated to the side.

  • MAXHUB’s Amazing Ultra-HD UC M31 Panoramic Camera

Thanks to its triple 12MP cameras and 4K UHD resolution, the MAXHUB UC M31 delivers a superior video-conferencing experience. Make the most of your limited space with this 180° panoramic camera, equipped with full-picture immersive technology that captures every participant with crystal-clear clarity.

There's no need for special training or complicated software operations when changing video layouts – a single click of the camera is all it takes to toggle between six professional layouts. From one-way lecturing to multi-party brainstorming, the UC M31 offers options to suit every communication setting.

  • MAXHUB’s Top-of-the-Range Integrated LED Wall Raptor Series

A ground-breaking achievement in collaboration, the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall Raptor Series is an incredible all-in-one solution. The integrated studio-quality speaker enhances voice intelligibility, while its cutting-edge operating system supports an improved overall performance.

All of this is packed into a lightweight, ultra-thin packaging, sporting a sleek fabric design. Enjoy stunning 4K visuals, sensational color accuracy, and amazing depth that will help maximize impact. Plug-and-play installation with simple maintenance means you can enjoy the perfect presentation or communication experience with minimal setup time.

  • MAXHUB’s Trailblazing, Intelligent UC S10 Pro

The MAXHUB UC S10 Pro​'s 5-in-1 design integrates 4K camera optics, advanced speaker technology, beamforming microphones, wireless sharing, and Android for a first-rate meeting experience. You'll have full-room coverage with a 120° viewing angle, while its auto-framing technology with intelligent face detection seamlessly tracks whoever is speaking.

The UC S10 Pro's high-tech camera combines precision optics with intelligent functions to provide stunning image quality in any space. Enjoy superior voice intelligibility and distraction-free conversations, thanks to its precision-engineered audio and advanced voice-location tracking, ensuring every voice is heard.

Total Solutions for Every Workplace Scenario

Experience collaboration, anywhere with MAXHUB and its total-solution offering. Streamline your communications and empower your employees to achieve greater levels of productivity and efficiency with our advanced, premium technologies.

Go to to learn more about our wide range of audiovisual products, or email Register now for free and visit us at booth A10 from 2-4 November at InfoComm SEA 2022 to experience our superior solutions, first-hand.

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