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Dual Function
Improves Every Presentation
Dual Color | Fine Pen Nibs | Smooth Writing |
Adsorption Design | Wear-resistant Design
Switch Color & Thickness
Easily with the Dual-color Pen
Customize color and thickness for both the pen head and tail.
Switch to your preferred choice without hitting a button.
Every Word You
Write Is Just Perfect
The fine tip’s sensitive touch enhances legibility.
Smooth Strokes
As Natural As Writing on Paper
The MAXHUB IR Pen has been extensively
tested to ensure a flowing writing experience.
Adsorption Design
Use It Anytime
Whenever inspiration strikes, effortlessly record it.
Adsorption Design
Use It Anytime
* The double-color stylus pen continuously writes 5 kilometers in a straight line under a load of 500g, with a pen tip loss of no more than 1mm. The data comes from the MAXHUB laboratory.

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