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Bytello Class
Helping teachers to prepare lessons more effectively. Compatible with a variety of terminals, users can log into the solution through a web browser for easy access. Through rich tools for lesson preparation and teaching, educators can create more meaningful student experiences, keeping classes lively and interesting.
A simple solution for lesson preparation
Simple and accessible, this software adapts to suit your needs with different UI designs to access the ideal lesson preparation and teaching experience.
The ultimate way to engage your students
With immersive teaching tools, educators can make classes more engaging and lively.
Be ready to teach anytime, anywhere
There’s no limit to where you can access this software. Cross-platform web browser access means that there’s no need to install an app. Just log in through your browser and you’re ready to go.
Unlock a new level of teaching performance
With the app installed on IFP, educators can log into their accounts and load lesson information fast. Within seconds, teachers will be ready to present their lessons.
Save everything in real-time for peace of mind
Forget the stress of losing lesson plans. Any edits made to your educational content sync to the cloud in real-time. That means you have a constant backup of the information you need.
Share resources quickly and securely
Collaborate with other educators. Teachers can share lesson plans and resources with staff and students through the cloud. The software encrypts all content by default for security and privacy.

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