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Unlock Incredible Video
Conferencing, Anywhere
4K Conference Webcam
The compact and lightweight design of the MAXHUB UC W20, combined with video that works anywhere at any time makes this your ultimate partner for 4K conferencing convenience.
4K Premium Video for Incredible Visual Detail
The UC W20 transforms video meetings with 30fps 4K or 720p Ultra HD images for sensational smoothness and detail. Bring more clarity into any meeting with H.264 video compression, a 13MP sensor, and an 80-degree field of view. Our unique denoisation algorithm will make clarity problems a thing of the past.
4k@ 30fps |13MP sensor |Denoisation Algorithm
Crisp, Clear Audio, Wherever You are
An integrated 2 microphone array detects audio instantly from up to 4 metres away. Combined with a proprietary algorithm for noise reduction, the UC W20 can easily deliver sensational audio without background noise or distortion.
2-element Mic Array | Noise reduction algorithm
Image Denoising Brings Great Videos and Photos
The pioneering 2D & 3D DNR technology in UC W20 delivers incredible image quality, even in low light conditions, this image denoising technology ensures crisp and clear visuals for video and photos.
2D & 3D DNR
After 2D & 3D DNR
Before 2D & 3D DNR
Instant Autofocus Puts You in the Spotlight
The UC W20 can quickly focus on your face from the moment you sit in front of the lens. Automatic focusing ensures a smoother meeting experience from the second you start your conversation. T-lens technology means the focusing process remains seamless.
Auto Focus | T-lens
Before 2D & 3D DNR
After 2D & 3D DNR
Multi-angle Rotation to Suit Any Positioning Need
The versatile monitor mount ensures that you can easily adjust the position of your UC W20 camera in seconds. Just highlight the thing you want to focus on, and enjoy up to 360-degree horizontal rotation, with 10 degree angle adjustment.
360° horizontal rotation | Different angle adjustment (≤10°)
Plug and Play Simplicity with a Single USB Type-C Connection
Start meetings faster thanks to plug and place simplicity. Just connect your device through the Type-C USB port and you're ready to go. There are no additional adapters, cables, or drivers required.
Compatible with the Software You Love
Stick with the conferencing software you love. The W20 supports Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and all the market leaders.

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